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3 Ways to Style Curly Hair This Summer (Guest Blogger)

If you are anything like me, you feel like you have two options with your curls: You wear it on a ponytail or you wear it down. All of your haircuts look the same. All your buns end up having random curls poking out. And your braids end up looking like something a child did. Or, if you are one of the lucky ones, you have miraculous luck with braids and buns. For the rest of us though, don’t despair, we have options.



The Adored Life | Curly Fishtail

The Fishtail: I will admit that I was intimidated by this intricate braid. Then one of my lovely friends with looser curls than I showed me how easy the braid really is. In fact, this braid is one of the best braids for curls. Instead of a normal braid, there are more sections to grab from, so fewer curls escape and poke through.

The Adored Life | Half Up Style


The Hair Twist: This style is my compromise for days I want to wear my hair down but but am not having my best hair day. Take the sections of hair by your ear and firmly twist. They will loosen up naturally so be sure they are tight to begin with. Repeat on the other side and secure with a clear elastic or decorative hair clip.



The Adored Life | Messy Bun with Scarf

Add an Accessory: The third way that I style my hair, especially during the hot days of summer, is to create a high bun and tie a scarf around it or my head. It’s a great alternative to the half-up, half-down or completely down styles that we are often forced to choose between. I like to first create a high ponytail and then create a loose bun, allowing curls to show at the end. This is a great lazy day style, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete!

What are your favorite summer styles for curly hair? Leave a comment and let us know how you like to wear your hair. Don't forget to join me over at my personal blog, The Adored Life, for even more curly hair love.

the adored life | Pretty, loose ponytail


Adored Life Headshot | Guest Blogging for Loxa Beauty About All Things Curls


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