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3 Ways to Style Spring Into Your Look

Whether or not March brought spring in like a lion this year (in Chicago we’re still waiting for it to roar in), I set on St. Patrick’s Day determined to emulate the change of season, as well as my Irish heritage, with my head to toe look.   Here are three current trends to incorporate into your spring look to both push the issue, and remind Mother Nature that spring is in fact here, and to also be fashion forward when you’re out and about.

Flower Power

Flower accents are all the rage right now, and my favorite way to sport them is as a bold head accessory.  Last summer I rocked a sequiny black flower piece when attending my first concert of the 2013 season.  I guess I was ahead of the trend.  Check out spring hair essentials here!Flower headband

On St. Patty’s Day this year, I proudly sported a green and pink, floral and feathery headpiece that I picked up at a street fair in NYC.  It completely made my festive outfit, and reminded the boisterous crowd that the holiday kicks off spring. Also, in order to keep my curls in place and intact during my festive fun, I completed my styling by spraying Redken's Quick Dry 18 Finishing Spray all over my curls for all day maintance.  Pink and green floral headband

Floral Inspired Face

Green accented eyes were seen all over Spring Fashion Week runways this year, with the trendiest look being a simple, yet bold liner either above or under the lash line, complemented with barely there, matte pink lips.  I don’t know if you can tell, but I tried out this palette on St. Patrick’s Day, too.


Not feeling the green?  A pretty, feminine, florally fresh pink face is also trending.  Dior is campaigning with an all over pink look, which compliments the pastels, patterns, and stripes seen on the runways this spring.  Ensure your skin is glowing for spring as well by trying out this DIY cinnamon and honey face treatment.

Pastels and Patterns

Fashion is anything but basic and boring this season.  First, it is all about color.  Whereas last year’s color statements were made in bold neons, this year its softened out with light, airy pastels, mint being the chalk of choice.pastels:mint

Floral patterns, stripes, and patterns are also major fashion players, with designers testing out new combinations amongst the three.  Stripes are bold, and patterns are being seen in darker colors to offset the solid pastel pieces.stripesFloral prints are all the rage, too, reminding everyone that winter is over, and it’s time to get a pedicure.  Wondering how to achieve the perfect pedicure at home?  Check out our DIY guide here!faux-flowers-anna-sui-fashion-trends-2013-895511_H140120_L

So if you’re just as tired as the nagging cold weather that just won’t seem to go away this year, stand up to Mother Nature by proceeding with your spring fashion, and style spring into your head to toe look with one of these trends, and soon enough, good old MN will get the hint and grace us with warm, sunny days.

For the love of hair and flowers,


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