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4 Easy Curly Hairstyles for Summer

If you have curly hair, you know that summer... is a tough season for creating curly hairstyles. The humidity, the frizz and the dry heat, it can be tough to create cute and fun styles without just putting your hair in a ponytail.shutterstock_106426064

Going from day to night can be challenging with curly hair so here are a four easy curly hairstyles for summer:



A little twist

a little twist

All you need to do is take dried hair, use on any frizzy ends, take two thicker pieces of hair, twist into separate twists and secure with a bobby pin. This is a very easy look to complete with a side pony if you're outside in the evening. Adorn with a bright bobby pin for a pop of color, as well!




60s inspiration

60s inspiration

Nothing makes updo's easier than curly hair, right? All you need to do is take strands of your hair into twists and pin each twist under each other to the side of your head. This will create the poofed out look and takes less than five minutes.

Sock bun look

Curly Hair Sock Bun

Who needs a sock bun when you have curly hair? Put your hair into a super high ponytail using clear plastic hair ties. Then, take a little  It's A 10 Miracle Superhold Finishing Hair Spray plus Keratin to secure the curls as you pin individual strands around the ponytail making a slight bun. This hairstyle will last all day!

Loose curls

Loose Curls

Start with any type of Mizani Supreme Oil to calm down any frizziness. Pin the back portion of your hair into a mini bun on the nape and keep your curls loose in the front. Use a straightener on low heat to add a wavy texture to the strands in the front portion of your hair. Finish with your favorite hairspray.

For the love of (curly) hair,


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