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4 Easy Ways to Rock Bed Head


It happens. We wake up 10 minutes after the alarm and we're out the door. That being said, there isn't much time to fuss in front of the mirror. Most of us aren't lucky enough to wake up with salon perfect hair everyday-- sometimes you just have to shake it, spray it, and own it. So if you're running a little late or just not in the mood to primp, here's some ways to own your bed head instead of hiding it away.



1. Add Volume - If your hair has a lot of natural body, you probably wake up with big hair. Instead trying to tame the volume, sprinkle Big Sexy Hair Powder Play on your roots. Message the powder through your hair, putting slight pressure on the scalp and teasing it. You can play up the crown or run the powder from root to tip for all-over volume.  You also can exaggerate the volume by parting your hair or opting for a half up-half down 'do.



2. Tie it Up Some people have naturally oily hair and even more so when they sleep. If this is you, instead of running to the shower, use your hair's natural "product" to your advantage. Braid your hair or tie your hair in a bun. Your hair's natural oils will help your hair stay in place. You may want to spray hair for reinforcement, but other than that, you're ready to walk out the door.



3. Scrunch it!- Rise and shine, luscious waves! If you have naturally curly hair that wakes up frizzy, there's no reason to tie it up. Use a mousse like Kenra Curl Glaze to bring control back to your hair. Comb the mouse through your hair and scrunch.The tighter the wave, the tighter the scrunch. Let hair air dry for great curls throughout the day.



4. Spike it, Mess it- Short hair has a habit of pointing every which direction when you wake up. Instead of patting it down and pushing it behind your ears, Use a strong holding gel and get creative. You can give yourself a funky Mohawk or a bang with lots of volume. If you're feeling a little more chic, slick your hair back and let it air dry.


There's no reason to spend hours behind the mirror for salon-ready hair. Use these tips and tricks when you're in a rush and you'll be the belle of the ball in five minutes flat.

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