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4 Reasons to Add Avocado to Your Fall Haircare Regimen

We know that the nutrient rich avocado is great for your diet, but it’s also a super food for your hair. That’s right, avocado isn't just for delish guacamole. Check out these four major benefits of adding avocado to your hair care regimen.



Increase Shine: Avocado’s are packed with vitamins that boosts hair’s shine.  To get glossy hair this fall, whip up a simple avocado and olive oil mask and apply from root to tip. This all natural mask also helps restore hair’s softness.


Improve hair's health: An avocado mask will not only pump up the shine, but it also makes hair stronger. Avocado prevents breakage by improving hair's elasticity. If your hair snapping or brittle, try an avocado hair mask every 2 weeks to set yourself up for much better hair days.



Relieve Dryness: Has the summer sun left your hair a dry wreck?  Avocado oil works quickly to rejuvenate your hair and scalp. It's lightweight and is easily absorbed, making it ideal for hair care. Mix with essential oils for a hot oil treatment or with conditioner to seal in moisture during the cooler months.


Sebastian Taming Elixir

Super smooth strands: Frizz is no match for the mighty avocado. Avocado is like a natural conditioner that coats strands, making the cuticle to appear flatter and smoother. No wonder avocado oil is used in products like Sebastian Taming Elixir to leave hair silky and more manageable.

If you desire stronger, smoother, shinier hair then get your hands on some avocado today!

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