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4 Reasons to Stop Box Coloring Your Hair

Hi, my name is Ashley Sieb and I used to box color my hair.

(Welcome Ashley).

After many instances of undesired results, major hair damage, and a few expensive “fix trips” to the salon – I’ve changed my ways! I am proud to say that I have not picked up a box hair dye kit in more than seven years!

Have you ever box colored your hair? Do you still box color your hair?

If so, you’re probably causing your hair and bank account more damage than you think! Below are four reasons to stop box coloring your hair:

1. You can’t customize your results.

Box color is designed so that “anyone and everyone” can use the in-home kit. But that doesn’t mean you should try this at home!

Did you know that many hair stylists use two colors to customize your hair color?

I’ve even had the chance to name of my few favorite colors (can’t wait to go back to chocolate covered cherry this fall). When you pick a box off the shelf, you’re getting one color only. You’re best to leave it to the professionals, who can accurately create a color for you that matches your skin tone, hair type, and desired results.

sarah jessica parker box color2. You won’t look like Eva Mendez or Sara Jessica Parker.

If we believed everything we read or saw on an advertisement, we’d have flawless hair, toned bodies, smaller waist lines, and perfect skin, to name a few.

Our very own Staci Starks wrote about how “leading drugstore hair product brands such as Pantene, Garnier, Herbal Essence, TRESemme, and Aussie have all drawn us in with models flipping their unrealistically thick, shiny, cascading hair all over our TV screens.”

So the next time you pick up a hair color box with Eva or Sara- just remember they are getting paid thousands (and thousands) to endorse these products. Celebrities have boat loads of money to spend on their hair! You know they are hitting up top hair stylists in the industry. Box coloring is not how celebs keep their hair healthy, shiny, and full of beautiful color.

3. You’re taking hair damage to a whole never level.

If you are a chronic box color user, your hair is probably starting to look and feel like straw. Even worse, you could be experiencing thinning hair or even hair loss! You can try to blame thinning hair on your hormones or a few extra trips to the pool (which might be true based on your health and activity level), but the bigger problem resides in that box of color.

Also, most box coloring kits use ammonia. And ammonia destroys the balance of the protein, moisture, and proper PH balances in your hair. The more you use box color with ammonia on damaged hair, the more your hair color will fade. The quicker the color fades, the quicker you need to re-color your hair – insert extreme hair damage here.

1773743034 – You aren’t doing your bank account a favor either.

Sure, an $8 box of color can sound appealing when you’re on a tight budget. But do you know what is more hair expensive than a boxed hair coloring kit?

A trip to the salon to fix your undesired results or damaged hair! Some stylists charge up to $100 / hour for corrective hair color services.

Are you a recovering box color addict? What inspired you to ditch this bad hair habit and leave hair coloring to the pros? Share your story us on Facebook or Twitter.

In the meantime, read how to repair your train wreck hair if you want tips on improving your hair health.

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