4 Thermal Styling Product Must-Haves

4 Thermal Styling Product Must-Haves


In love with your straightener?

Can’t live without the curling iron?

Start every morning with the blow dryer?

It’s more important than you’ll ever understand to put a barrier between your hair and any heated styling tool it comes in contact with. Thermal styling can take a toll on hair and create an environment conducive to dry, brittle, hair which equals breaks, split-ends, and potentially, thinning hair.

When it comes to thermal styling products, right now we are in love with the CHI line. This brand knows their thermal styling products for all hair types and all styling options.

Which heated product user are you?

Straightening Queen - You use your straightener everyday and love that it allows you to get all the kinks out resulting in smooth and straight hair.
Product Choice: CHI Straight Guard – This is a styling cream that will protect your hair from thermal styling while helping to strengthen hair. A bonus of this cream based product is that is helps smooth and eliminate frizz and deliver great style control.

Constant Curler – Your curling iron is your best friend. Your morning routine includes curling your hair 5 out of 7 days each week and you love the volume and dimension it adds to your style.
Product Choice: CHI 44 Iron Guard – CHI created this superior thermal styling protectant with you in mind! It will protect your hair from the heat, improve moisture and shine, and has style memory so those curls aren’t going anywhere!

Dry & Damaged – You’ve curled and straightened too much for too long without protecting your hair. You still love using thermal styling tools, but need to rebuild your hair.
Product Choice: CHI Silk Infusion – First things first, getting your hair back to normal. With an alcohol free formula, this is a product that will add moisture, build strength and improve shine. This product is great for all hair types and won’t weigh down your style.

The 'Do-It-All' – Straighten and curl are your middle name and before that, you still use the blow dryer. Its fine, a lot of us do the exact same thing. In order to keep hair healthy and strong while using the tri-fecta it’s even more important to use product to protect.
Product Choice: CHI Total Protect – For the hair styler who does it all. Total Protect will build strength and resilience and improve your moisture and shine.  Daily heat users will also love that this light weight lotion protects hair against sun damage. This product is a must have!

One last thing – all these products are great – but sometimes, your hair just needs a spa hair-cation. Give your hair a day or 2 every 4-6 weeks of zero thermal styling and treat it to some deep conditioning treatments.

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