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4 Mistakes Women With Thick Hair Make


Listen, I know what it's like to have to deal with thick hair. Having thick hair can be a challenge - there are days when I consider shaving the underside of my head specifically to avoid the stress of styling it (probably not worth it...)

Either way, having thick hair sometimes leads us to doing some pretty reckless things to our hair. Even though making these thick hair mistakes once may not cause visual damage, repetition most certainly will.

1. Washing your hair every day.

While thick tresses come in many textures, we all have one thing in common. Thick hair is much more prone to oil loss than our thinner tressed sisters. Now, I'm not talking about "greasy hair," I'm talking about the natural oils hair needs to be healthy. Washing your hair every day strips hair of these oils, causing it to be frailer and more breakable. Just because you have thick hair, doesn't mean it's invincible! Plus, the longer you go between washes, the less "grease" your scalp will produce. This means more good hair days!

Having a greasy hair problem? Invest in a dry shampoo and a shine booster for off-days. I suggest CHI Shine Infusion Spray. It provides shine without adding excess oil.

2. Applying heat tools to wet hair

Don't act like you haven't tried it. Along with thick hair comes late mornings. If the clock doesn't allot for blow-drying, then the straightener or curling iron tend to come out before it's really their time. This is never okay. Why? Rumor has it that the girl infamous on YouTube for burning off her hair didn't blow-dry all the way. Wet hair + direct heat = breakage. DON'T REPEAT HISTORY.

Invest in a quality CHI hair dryer (like CHI Rocket Hair Dryer), one that will speed up the drying process. CHI hair dryers are ideal for thick hair because they're intense but gentle. This means quick, smooth styling.

3. Detangling wet hair like a mad woman.

Drop the  paddle brush and place your hands in the air slowly. When has your stylist ever given you permission to use a regular brush on wet hair? I know it's tough. So much hair, so little time. Still, I think all the hair broken off in your sink agrees with your stylist.

Instead of a paddle brush, invest in a thick toothed comb and a leave-in conditioner. My favorite is CHI Keratin Leave-In Conditioner. It will help break up your hair's knots, making it easier to work through and healthier overall.

4. Not protecting tresses.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Thick hair is not invincible. Your tresses have just as much need for a heat protectant as thin hair - and I would even argue thick hair has more need. Think of how much more heat we have to apply to get our hair to do what we ask! For reference, my thin-haired roommate puts her curling iron at 200 degrees. I have to have mine at 400 degrees for it to do its job. Double the heat, double the damage.

No excuses: Purchase a heat protectant now. CHI 44 Iron Guard is a steal and works especially well with thicker hair.

If you're guilty of more than one of these thick hair mistakes, I strongly suggest you consider the CHI Weekend Getaway Kit. It comes with a quality hair dryer and flat iron (no more unruly hair), as well as a heat guard and a silk complex (to fix what we destroyed).

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