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4 Ways to Learn to Love Your Straight Hair

4 Ways to Learn to Love Your Straight Hair

It's pretty normal to covet another hair type - curly girls often want smooth, sleek locks, while stick-straight ladies are dying to have some natural wave or curl. But just like we want women everywhere to be comfortable in their own skin, we want you to be comfortable in your own hair!

My straight-haired gals, listen up: Your straight hair is beautiful! If you're struggling to feel the love with your locks, try these four steps.


1. Study.

Look at pictures of celebrities to see what they're doing with their straight hair. They rock it straight on the red carpet, pamper it with big, voluminous blowouts, and accessorize it with blunt bangs. Feel like you're in a rut? Try something new! Seek inspiration from fashion mags - as well as the opinions of key friends and, most importantly, your stylist - and try a new cut or color to switch up your look.


2. Prepare.

Test different products and styling tools. Just because your hair is straight and flat right now, doesn’t mean you can't change it up with the help of products and styling tools.

For a big voluminous look, try Framesi's Hair Treatment line. Start with one of their volumizing products (like Volumizing Thermal Spray), then roll up some large hot rollers all over, especially around your part. Once cool, remove them and spray your hair with By Framesi Lava Mist Strong Hairspray. Even if your hair doesn't hold curl, you can comb or brush out the waves so you're left with volume, movement and va-va-voom-ed up straight hair.


3. Experiment.

Try a braid or an updo! When you're over wearing your straight hair down and feel helpless trying to curl it, try an easy updo or fun braid.  A low chignon, braided updo, waterfall braid or top knot are all perfect 'dos for straight hair. Lock your up-do into place with Framesi Lava Mist Hairspray.


4. Apply.

Embrace what your hair can do. When it comes down to it, do what’s best for you. Get the right stylist, hair cut, products and tools, and then learn how to style your hair exactly how you want to. When you wear your hair straight, keep it super straight and block out humidity with Framesi WIO Strait Balm.


Whether your hair is straight, curly, or somewhere in between, the best thing you can do for your hair is learn all you can about how to take care of it. (Pssst, this is a great place to start!)

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