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4 Ways to Make Your Natural Updo Last

janell monae - how to make natural updos last

When it comes to hair, the best maintenance is no (or very little) maintenance at all.

Lucky, natural-haired ladies (like myself) thankfully have the ability to go much longer without washing or even brushing hair, cutting down on time and effort. Try these simple ways to make your natural updo last!

1. Buy a Satin Pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases pull at your hair, and can matte it to your scalp and other strands. The term "bedhead" doesn't exist when you use a satin pillowcase, and it won't fall off in the middle of the night like scarves can.

2. Stock up on bobby pins.

No good updo ever lasted without bobby pins. Stash extras in your makeup bag and purse so you always have some on hand.

3. Tame your edges with a good gel.

Grab a good gel to keep your edges and flyaways in check. Great products also help fight humidity and add shine.

4. Find the right stylist.

Probably the most important item on this list is to find the right hairstylist for you. Not only is my stylist knowledgeable on natural hair, but she also knows how to style it the right way, a healthy way. And she knows I'm a no-maintenance type of gal, which makes my life (and our relationship) so much easier.

Keep your natural updo going strong with these easy-to-follow tips, and you'll soon know the way of the no-maintenance lifestyle.

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