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4 Ways to Deal with a Bad Haircut

4 Ways to Deal with a Bad Hair Cut

Is there anything worse than leaving the salon unsatisfied?

Whatever the case may be, dealing with a bad cut is hard to do. Our self-esteem is deeply tied to our hair, so when our hair doesn't look the way we want, it affects our mood, which has a negative impact in other areas of our lives. However, all is not lost just because you didn't get the ‘do you hoped for. Here are four ways to gracefully deal with an unfavorable cut.


Talk to Your StylistAs soon as you realize you’re not feeling your new hair, you owe it to yourself and your stylist to go back and remedy the situation. No hairdresser would want to know that aa client is disappointed, and there is no reason to hold back your emotions when it comes to the hair that is on your head.

If it takes going home, taking some time to assess your new ‘do, then returning to your salon, so be it. However, it’s best to tell your stylist you are not satisfied before you walk out the door because some salons do not guarantee a  re-style once you walk out the door. Try to work through your emotions in this moment, and when you are talking to your stylist, give them ideas on exactly how they can fix the mishap. Be realistic, and make sure you approve the new plan to make your hair style as satisfactory as possible.  

Remember that stylists are the masters of their craft. The way a doctor is an expert in your health, stylists are experts in hair. Ask questions! Why did your stylist give you that specific cut? Did it work better with your face shape than what you originally asked for? Be realistic. Your jet black hair won't transition well to a Britney Spears blonde. No stylist can fix that one.


Accessorize- Never underestimate the power of hair décor. In the event that your hair was cut too short, you can use head bands or bows to take attention away from your hair’s length. What’s fun about hair accessories is that you can use them to complete a whole outfit. Don’t forget about earrings, they  also can distract from a haircut you feel isn't the best. Hair clips come in all shapes and sizes, and they are great for pinning shorter hair or unwanted bangs away from your face.


Wear It UpWhether it's layers that you didn’t want, or a length that you’re not crazy about, one easy way to “mask” an unsatisfactory hair cut is to wear your hair up until you feel confident enough to wear it down again. Luckily, there are many options for updos, ponytails and buns for all hair lengths.  It works out that many updos will protect your hair and make it grow faster than it would if you wore your hair down all the time.


Add Volume- When it comes to curls, the length of your hair isn't as important as the "shape" of the curl. Therefore, if your hair was cut too short, no one will know if you take on a curly or wavy hair style. For long lasting, well-defined curls no matter your texture, try a creamy balm like AG Hair Beach Bomb or Paul Mitchell Twirl Around. A product like these will give hair more texture to help hold your desired style. Don't forget to finish with a strong hold hairspray to lock your look all day. I swear by Sebastian Shaper Fierce!

Be Confident. You have the power to make light of what seems like a negative situation, and getting a bad cut is no different. Be positive: your hair will grow back, and odds are, it doesn't look as bad as you think.

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