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4 Ways to Get Out of a Natural Hair Rut

4 Ways to Get Out of a Natural Hair Rut

It's easy to get in a hair rut, especially for us natural girls. Bored with your usual routine? Well, listen up! Four easy to get your hair closer to tip top shape.

Get back to basics

Make sure to get the basics of a good hair routine covered.  You know the virtues of a regular wash and condition routine, co-washing, deep conditioning, moisturizing and a keeping your ends trimmed, so put it into action. Our ultimate natural hair guide serves as a road map to start creating a routine that your strands will love.

Is 2014 your year to transition from relaxed to natural? If so, then you'll want to dive into this guide to make transitioning back to your natural wonder easier.

Switch it Up

Styling your hair differently actually helps maintain the health and shine of your curls. If you’ve been thinking about trying a new natural ‘do consider this as your friendly reminder to just go for it! No more hesitating. Feeling adventurous? Start thinking outside the box. Look for style inspiration that’s not necessarily geared towards your hair type.


Go Heat Free

Going heat free (or at least not abusing heat) is a no brainer way to be kinder to your hair. It’s also one of the keys to keeping your curls from turning into straw during the brutal winter months. Don’t worry, going this route won’t cause you to weep too loudly over the loss of your thermal tools. Opt for Curlformers and Flexirods to start having some heat-free styling fun.


Build your core products

This kind of core building has nothing to do with your abs. Core products are the staple items that you can return to again and again for fail proof results. Finding products your hair loves may take some trial and error, but it’s totally worth the effort. From shaving time off of your routine to improved appearance there are so many benefits to having that just right combo of products that works for your hair. I'm still in love with my daily product mix that involves the Joico Texture Boost Dry Wax that I used here. My tousled style just isn't complete now without it.

I plan to review my product stash and focus on refining my core products. Which resolution will you add to your list of things to do?

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