4 Ways to Protect Your Hair This Winter

Oh the weather outside is frightful...for your hair. And this winter? You want to make sure you protect those luscious locks. But how? I'll give you four ways. Here we go.

how to protect your hair in the winter

Make Sure Your Shampoo & Conditioner Moisturizes: I feel you, picking a shampoo and conditioner can be rough. There's thousands of brands and testimonies out there. There are horror stories and praises. But one thing you should pay attention to? Make sure your new shampoo and conditioner this winter has added moisturizer. If you don't know which to choose...I live by Kenra Moisturizing Shampoo. If you are worried about your hair looking oily, add in a clarifying shampoo once or twice a week.

Deep Moisturizing Mask: This winter, say YES to moisturizing masks for your hair. Add this into your weekly beauty routine and your locks will reap major benefits. You moisturize your skin extra carefully during these winter months, so why not your hair?  Confused about what kind of mask to use? Never fear, we've got you covered.

Flee the Freeze: If you're preparing to leave the house and venture out into the cold...make sure your hair is up for the trip. The number one rule? Make sure your hair is DRY! One of the worst things you can do is expose your wet or damp hair to the freezing temps and harsh winds. Your hair can literally freeze and break off if exposed to cold weather. Talk about a bad hair day. It can easily be prevented by letting it air-dry or blow dry before leaving the house. Want a quicker drying method with better results? Try Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray. My hair blow-dries so smooth and shiny with this stuff.  I'm slightly obsessed with Kenra this week.

Say Hello to Hats: And the last, but not least, to my guide for protecting hair in the winter is my favorite...wearing hats! Not only does this keep your overall body temperature warmer, it protects those luscious locks of yours and looks cute to boot! If you're wondering about the hottest hat-safe hairstyles this winter...we've got you covered on that, too. Check it out. 

What are your favorite ways to protect your hair in the winter?

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