Get the Look: Holiday Hairstyle



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Step 1:
Spray a thermal protectant on your hair, like Joico Ironclad, to protect hair from heat damage caused by hot styling tools.
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Step 2 img Step 2:
Section off hair from the top of your head using hair clips, such as The Wet Brush Big Mouth Clips.

Step 3:
Begin curling the bottom section. Your curl sections should be vertical, resembling lines on a beach ball. When curling, start at the middle of the hair strands.

Expert tip: Some people like to start at the end of the hair, but the ends tend to be the most fragile, so you should feed those through last.

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Step 4 Img Step 4:
Continue curling the entire bottom section. From face to ear, all curls should curl away from the face. In the back, alternate the curls in different directions. Use Kenra Platinum Working Spray 14 in between sections. This is a medium, workable hair spray that will help hold your curls without becoming too stiff.
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Step 5:
Release the top section of hair. Use the same technique of curling away from the face on the sides and alternating curls in the back. When finished with the top section, spray again with Kenra Platinum Working Spray 14.
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Step 6:
To create a softer wave, work hands through your hair gently.

Step 7:
Set the look with Kenra Professional Artformation Spray 18 and Kenra Professional Shine Spray 55%.
step 7 img astep 7 img b

step 8 img Optional Step 8:
If you want to soften the curls even more, brush through hair with The Wet Brush Shine Brush.

Expert tip: If you want more of an s-wave curl, curl hair all in the same direction and brush through with The Wet Brush Shine Brush.


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