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5 Creative Ways to Add a Braid

Pocahontas is otherwise known as my biggest hair idol of all time. Why? Throughout my childhood, I would watch as she effortlessly tied her hair into a braid and pranced around singing songs. While I am not down for prancing and singing songs in the wilderness, I am down for rocking an effortless braid in my tresses. Due to my obsession with my Native American girlfriend Poca, I have mastered 5 creative ways to add a braid to modern styles you probably wouldn't see in the Forest.

Look #1: Sock Bun Braid

Sock Bun BraidTips to achieve this look: Simply flip hair over and pull out two 1 inch sections of hair above the ear. Braid these sections. Pull the rest of your hair up into the sock bun. Cross the two braided sections and wrap them around the base of your bun. Secure in place by vertically sticking bobby pins into the base of the bun.

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Look #2: Braided Side Messy Bun

Braided Messy Bun

Tips to achieve this look: One of my favorite braided styles, all you need to do is tilt head to the side and french braid loosely. Secure braid with a clear elastic. Pulling a few strands out of place, bundle up the rest of your hair and secure in place with another clear elastic and bobby pins. Spray lightly with hairspray.

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Look #3: The Double Braid

Double Braid

Tips to achieve this look: Probably the easiest braided style of all time, simply braid a few 1/2 inch sections of hair and secure with clear elastics. Pull hair to one side and braid normally. Secure with another elastic.

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Look #4: The Bobbed Braid


Tips to achieve this look: Difficult as it may look, you only need to braid hair loosely in the same way you would a french braid. Then tuck hair under and secure in place with bobby pins.

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Look #5: The Halo Braid

braid1Tips to achieve this look: For a step by step tutorial on how to recreate this halo braid, check out our DIY. I suggest adding a ribbon which is most easily achieved by securing it with an elastic to a section of hair to be braided.

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What's your favorite way to add a braid? Leave us a comment!

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