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5 Curly Hair Hacks to Try Now

5 Curly Hair Hacks to Try Now

Brace yourself: your schedule is about to get a lot busier with the holidays around the corner.

Try these five curly hair hacks to give yourself a little more time, especially during this time of year. We all love a shortcut, right?

1. Put two drops of argan oil in your hair at night. Don't have time to wash, condition then diffuse your hair in the morning? Try using an extra drop of argan oil in your hair from the root to the tip before you go to sleep. This will eliminate frizz and leave you with shiny hair perfect for a pony the next day!

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2. Use the cold setting when blow drying. I know that it takes away from that warm and fuzzy feeling, but using the cold setting when diffusing hair can keep your curls locked in place longer throughout the day. Plus, it's healthier for your hair.

3. Don't wet your hair entirely.  When you're in the shower don't let your hair get completely doused with water. This prevents your curly hair from needing an entire condition but still allows you add a few styling products to get the curls in tact. Plus, less drying.

4. Blot dry your hair with a shirt. Seriously in a hurry? Take a cotton t-shirt and blot dry in your hair sections. This will prevent frizziness, and allows your hair to get drier without the time of a diffuser.

5. Bobby pin the bottom layer or section at night. To make for easier updo styling, just bobby pin the bottom section of your curly hair to keep the front layer of curls in tact. This allows the natural curl to maintain it's vibrancy for the front layer. It makes for super quick styling in the morning!


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