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5 Curly Hair Tips for Summer Activities

From festivals to outdoor barbeques to late night porch parties, having curly hair in the summer (and being outside all the time), is extremely challenging. No one wants to look like Monica from the Barbados trip! So here are my top tips for handling curly hair in whatever summer activity you're doing:




1. Start to love an updo: Updos are the key to my summer hair looks. There are lots of fun ways to style curly hair without dealing with leaving your hair down all day. Try switching up your traditional ponytail for a high bun, a simple twist or even a high ponytail.


2. Learn to braid: Braids are everywhere lately! Here at Loxa Beauty, we love braids and there are a lot of different braid styles to chose from that only take five minutes. Braiding with curly hair comes with it's certain challenges but integrating a braid into your curly hair look will make your hair hassle free and last all day long.


3. Use an on-the-go product: Curly hair can get voluminous and frizzy despite our best styling efforts! So, invest in your favorite on-the-go product. Travel sizes are available for a lot of salon haircare products, making it easy to store in your purse! I recommend using a gel-based OR oil-based product.


4. Invest in some cute scarves: Scarves are now your must-have hair accessory, curly haired girls! There are lots of ways to use a scarf in your hair during the summer but the best way for curly hair is to use the scarf as a thick headband. This three minute hairdo is so easy and makes for frizz-less curly hair all day.



5. Embrace a little volume: Girls, your hair is going to get voluminous in the humidity. To eliminate a lot of the frizz, make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that's formulated for curly hair to keep your hair looking smooth. However, sometimes the elements will take over so, embrace your voluminous and beautiful curly locks this summer.


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