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4 Easy Summer Updos

I used to always wear my hair short. Over the past year and a half, I've let it grow pretty long. Transitioning from chin-length hair to below-the-shoulder hair has been an adventure in learning new ways of styling and wearing my hair. As it gets hotter out and I spend my time basking in the sun, I'm always looking for fun and easy ways to keep my hair off of my face and neck while still looking put together and stylish. I can really get down with a nice ponytail, but for days when the basics won't do, these are my favorite easy summer updos!


4 Easy Summer Updos

3 Twisted Buns - This is such a cinch for a day of outdoor activities like music or art festivals, camping, long walks, hiking, sporting events or any situation where you want your hair off of your neck and face, but want a little more style than a ponytail. Once you get this look down, you can easily add in little flowers, decorated bobby pins, or wrap ribbon around the base and let it dangle a bit for some extra color and whimsy.

To get this look: put a little texturizing cream or spray in your hair and section it into three parts at the base of your head->Twist each section to the right and wrap it in the same fashion you would to make a bun->Pin each bun in place as you complete it->Add some hairspray->Venture beautifully and confidently into the great outdoors! (Or stay in and admire yourself! You do you!)


4 Easy Summer Updos kim kardashian

High Bun - I'm going to tell you a secret. If you already know this secret, then your hair life has been made much simpler. If you are just learning this secret, your hair life is about to be made much simpler. Hair Donuts! Anytime your hair realllly needs a washing, you're running late, or you want to look polished in a pinch, grab a hair donut and get going. There are some awesome bun tutorials out there if you don't have or want to use a donut, but if you do have one or are going to get one, here's how to work it!

To get this look: Pull hair through hair donut->Wrap hair under and around hair donut->Pin hair into place and apply hairspray->Walk out the door in no time at all!


4 Easy Summer Updos

Ponytail Bun - One of my favorite things about this is the way it looks like you put in some time and effort and have serious hair skills, even though this look is quick and easy to pull off. With a little practice, you can sport this look on those ever so tiresome 'running behing and everything is going wrong but at least my hair looks faaaabulous' mornings! A little hair oil, some hairspray, two elastics and some pins and your'e good to go!

To get this look: Oil your hair->Pull your hair into two ponytails, one on top of the other->Starting at the ends of your hair and with the top ponytail, wrap pieces of hair toward your head and pin it secure, leaving pieces toward the middle to finish the center->pin any loose ends and dash with a light coating of hairspray to hold it in place->look polished with minimal effort!



4 Easy Summer Updos

Fancy Ponytail -  The fancy pants ponytail is an easy go-to look for any day! It's fast, it's simple, and it requires very few tools, product or time investment. This will work best on unwashed hair, so if your hair is clean, use a little texturizing cream or spray before you begin.

To get this look: Prep your hair with some shine serum and some texturizing product->Pull your hair into a ponytail->Pull out a 1/2-1 inch strand of hair and spray it with hairspray->Wrap the loose strand around the ponytail and fasten it under with a bobby pin->Go forth and be fly



I'm loving having longer hair now that I know how to style it and wear it, and I  want to hear about your favorite casual updos too! Meet me down in the comments and trade tips!


For love of hair,


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