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5 Easy Tips for Shinier Hair

Shiny hair isn't just the stuff of good shampoo and hair color commercials, it's also an indicator of your hair's health. If yours is looking a little dull and lifeless use these 5 tips to boost your strands shine factor.



1. Nourish it from the inside out: What you put into your body directly impacts the condition of your hair. Nourished hair is happy hair, so drink plenty of water to keep your mane hydrated and don’t skimp on the vitamins or protein.


It's a 10 Shine Spray

2. Use sheen boosting products: Incorporate products into your routine that are specifically designed to give your hair sheen. Look for products like AG the Hair Oil and It’s a 10 Shine Spray with nourishing oils to bump up the gloss. Avoid products with alcohol and harsh sulfates that leave hair lackluster.


3. Beware of Buildup: Use the right products, but beware of using too much of a good thing. Constantly coating your hair with shine enhancers to the point where there's heavy buildup defeats the purpose. Keep the product buildup at bay with AG Hair Renew Clarifying Shampoo to restore your hair's radiance.


rbbg_234. Go for a Cool Finish: Using a cool rinse after washing aids in sealing in conditioner, closing the hair's cuticle and stimulating scalp circulation. This all works to bring out your hair's luminosity. Finishing your blowout with a blast of cool air has a similar effect and helps to set your style.

use the right tools for shiny hairArm yourself with the right tools: Something as simple as using the right brush can aid in the quest for hair brilliance. Brushing helps distribute the scalp's natural oil through to the ends, giving hair a shinier appearance. Further dull proof your hairstyle at home with a combination of the right heat styler and smart styling practices.

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