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5 Gift Ideas for Your Stylists

Has your stylist been good to you this year?

Has she (or he) made you feel beautiful, listened to you, or transformed your life by introducing you to new products?

If so, don't keep her (or him) off your Christmas list! Below are five gift ideas for your stylist this Christmas.


Scissors Headband:

Loxa Beauty shared this picture with our Instagram followers earlier as a great gift idea for your stylist.

We  absolutely LOVE this headband, and it's the perfect (and affordable) gift for your hair stylist.

She can wear this to work or out with her friends for an evening out.

Estimated Costs: $20-$25


I Love Hair T-Shirt

Everyone needs a good, comfortable T-shirt. And your stylist is no different!

This cute t-shirt is a great gift for your stylist, male or female.

You can also customize the T-shirt by adding their last name, salon name, or other information on the shirt.

Be creative!

Estimated Costs: $20-$25


Coffee Mug

Your stylist often works early mornings and late nights, which is one of the many reasons you should be super thankful for your hair stylist. And if she is a coffee lover, she would love this adorable coffee mug.

I found a few funny coffee mugs (if that matches her personality). My personal favorite was: "Don't listen to the voices in your head, listen to your hair stylist."

Second place was: "What happens at the salon, stays at the salon!"

Throw in a Statrbucks gift card if she has taken extra good care of you this year!

Estimated costs: $15-$25


Hair Styling Book:

If your stylist is a reader AND loves coming up with unique hairstyles, I've got a wonderful gift idea for your stylist...

Buy her the book, "Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step-by-Step Techniques."

Offer to be her "practice" model, and you could end up with some super fun and adorable hairstyles to show your friends.

Estimated costs: $35-$45


Scissors Pendant and Necklace

Most every woman loves you can't go wrong with this fantastic scissor pendant and necklace.

Some jewelers offer free engraving so consider adding her initials on the scissors to make your gift extra special.

Estimated Costs: $15-$100

Hopefully these five ideas gave you inspiration for gift ideas for your stylists.

If nothing else, think about what she loves the most. For example, I know my hair stylist would love a Starbucks gift card or McDonald's gift card (she has an extreme addiction for McDonald's Diet Coke).

She also loves sharing pictures of her two boys, so a picture frame for her booth would be a thoughtful gift.

Finally, she is really into trendy winter hats and scarfs. She is my fashion guru.

So, whether you give your stylist a creative, thoughtful, or hilarious gift - your stylist will LOVE that you thought of her (or him) this season. Share the love.

What are you getting your stylist for Christmas this year? Comment below or post a picture on our Facebook page.

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