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5 Hair Trends to Say Goodbye To

You know how there are some perfectly lovely styles that aren't necessarily worth the trouble to execute or maintain? Here are 5 such hairstyles that it may be time to say goodbye to (or at least rethink!).


angela simmons 5 Hair Trends to Say Goodbye To Most Rapunzel inspired hair weaves aren't as well done as Angela Simmons'

Rapunzel extensions: When it comes to extensions the mantra is often the longer the better. Some extreme extensions are gorgeous, unfortunately these weave sins render most Rapunzel-esque weaves unflattering and tragically unrealistic looking. If you're committing any of them, seek professional hair help immediately.

hair chalk Chalked color can leave hair hard to manage.

Hair chalk: Hair chalking is an easy way to experiment with color without having to commit. On the flip side hair chalk can get messy, rub off on your clothes and leave your hair feeling dry, brittle and hard to manage. Try hair clip-ins that can be colored by a stylist to achieve a similar look without all of the drama.



katy perry 5 Hair Trends to Say Goodbye To Pastel hair is pretty to look at, but the damage may not be worth it.


Pastel Hair: While pastel hair is certainly pretty to look at, the damage it can cause your strands isn’t. The process of getting (and maintaining) color that light can be hard on the hair, so leave the execution to the professionals.  Hair already damaged from overprocessing? Nurse hair back to health with a keratin-infused serum.



dramatic ombre While this drastic ombre is cool, we're feeling the dialed down "sombre" look.

Drastic ombre: Move over drastic ombres, we're making room for the trending subtle sombre look. Colorful dip-dyed ends and dramatic two-toned hair is so much fun, but sombre is softer and easier for most women to pull off.



insane braids Simple braids can be just as noteworthy as more complex versions.

Insane braids: If you’re driving yourself crazy trying to make some insanely complicated braid style happen--please stop. A beautiful fishtail or side braid to bun version is all you need to bring on the braids in style.


What high maintenance hairstyles have you given up on?


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