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5 Haircare Tips for Traveling

Your flight's booked, your hotel looks perfect (online, anyway...) and you've packed enough swimsuits to last you through the apocalypse. But there's one important item on your list you might have overlooked:

Vacation-proofing your hair routine.

While you should be relaxing instead of spending hours on your hair, a bad hair day can still wreck your beach time - and if you're on a healthy-hair journey like me, your hair can't handle a week off or bad products.

Avoid the "Monica-in-Barbados" look and prepare your locks for an easy landing with these five haircare tips for traveling.

5 Hair Care Tips for Traveling

1. Stock your suitcase.

Hair Tips for Traveling

With TSA’s 3.4-ounce liquid rule, stashing your economy-sized shampoo in your carry-on is a big no-no. But unless your hotel offers top-of-the-line hair products tailored to your exact hair type and care routine, you probably want to stay away from the complimentary bottles in the bathroom.

If you hate checking bags, ask your stylist for samples of shampoo and conditioner in your favorite brands, or squeeze some product into miniature leak-proof plastic travel containers - leaving room for at least three more swimsuits.

Frequent flier tip: The same can be said for equipment. If you don’t need a diffuser, the hotel blow dryer will get you by. Traveling in a pack? Designate who’s bringing what equipment so you can all save on packing space.


2. Plan for each product.
Hair Tips for TravelingYou (sadly) can’t pack your entire closet, and the same should be applied to your hair products. Before you go, have a general idea of which hairstyles you're planning so you know which products and equipment to bring - and what you can leave behind. You know you’d rather spend more time on the beach than in the hotel bathroom, so leave your set of hot rollers and 15 curling irons (all in different sizes, of course) at home. They’ll miss you, but they’ll get by.
Frequent flier tip: Swap your bobbies for spin pins for better hold, especially in buns.

3. Head off bad hair days.

Hair Tips for Traveling
Sometimes bad hair days are just unavoidable, especially when you’re traveling to places with funky weather (can you say humidity? Ugh!). Arm yourself with a few go-to updos, especially styles that work great in any situation.
Try a smooth pony on your work trip, pair a messy fishtail with your bikini and pin up a sexy top knot for your night(s) out on the town.
Frequent flier tip: Channel Vanessa, Blake and Kim - throw an oversized floppy hat in your suitcase. You'll help protect your scalp and skin from sunburn and can cover up limp locks if needed. Win-win! 

4. Delay dehydration.


Hair Tips for Traveling

In addition to your cocktail consumption (those mini umbrellas are so cute!), air travel has the tendency to dry you out - including your hair. Add salt-heavy ocean water to the mix, and your locks will soon be crying out in desperation for hydration. Increase your intake of H2O to keep your strands hydrated and happy.

Frequent flier tip: Throw an empty filtered water bottle into your suitcase and fill it up as soon as you land to start the rehydration process.

5. Give yourself your hair a break.

Hair Tips for Traveling

Yes, you want your travel pics to turn out great (or at least Facebook-worthy), but you don’t want to spend the whole time stressed out about your hair. And remember - your hair needs some time to relax (especially from frequent hair drying, flat ironing, etc.) just as much as you do!

Try a braid or easy beachy waves  — just have fun!

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