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5 Hairstyles for Any Outdoor Event

Tired of spending hours styling your hair to perfection, just to step outside and have it all ruined by the elements? We feel your pain. Beat the heat, wind, and humidity with these 5 hairstyles for any outdoor event.

1. The Fishtail Braid

Kendall Jenner - Hairstyles for any outdoor event

This intricate yet easy-to-master hairstyle keeps even the wildest hair at bay against wind and other outdoor threats! Start by parting hair into two large sections, straight down the middle of your scalp. To ensure lasting style and protection against humidity. Spray hair with your favorite hairspray like Nioxin Niospray Regular Hold before beginning. Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section of your hair. Pull it over the top of the left section, and grasp it under the right section. Then, repeat on the right side. Continue this process until you reach the end of your hair and secure firmly with a hair-tie.

For fine hair, use thinner strands to create a more intricate braid to withstand the elements. This style is absolutely perfect for an outdoor wedding!


2. The Twist

This beautiful up-do not only gets hair off your neck and out of your face to beat the heat, but is secure enough for the outdoors! Part your hair down the middle, and set with hairspray. Start on one side of the part, and gather up hair slowly twisting upwards against your scalp. Keep twisting around your crown to the back of your head, gathering more pieces of hair as you continue. As you twist, place bobby pins inside your updo against your scalp to secure your work.

Stop twisting when you reach the back and secure with pins, then start twisting on the opposite side until the two sides meet. Twist the tail around the opposite side of your head, aligning it with your original twist. Tuck the very ends into your beginning twist and secure with pins. This style is both elegant and easy, and the perfect choice for an outdoor mixer or cocktail party!


3. The Sleek Top Knot 

Jennifer Lopez-Hairstyles for Any Outdoor Event

If you're anything like me, the heat this summer has caused you to go from perfectly styled loose hair, to basically any style that gets that hair off your neck. This crisp classic do' does just that - but with style.

Use a brush and your favorite smoothing serum (suggestion: Bed Head Candy Fixations Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum for shiny smooth style). Comb hair up to the top of your head in a very sleek and polished fashion. Tie hair up like a ponytail, then use a second hair-tie to pull hair through and secure a tight knot. Set the whole hairstyle with Paul Mitchell Stay Strong Hairspray to secure in place! This effortlessly glossy up-do is ideal for a more formal outdoor event such as a traditional bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.


4. The Formal Low Pony

This chic do is easy to achieve and lasts all day outside. Section out the front sides of your hair from in front of your ears, and secure the rest of the hair in the back into a low ponytail. Take a small section on the front right side of the head, then pull it back over and under the ponytail - securing with a bobby pin. Then do the same on the left side and secure with a pin. Continue this process until all the hair in the front has been used to criss-cross over and under the pony in about four to six sections. Gather all the loose ends from criss crossed hair sections, pull them together at the ponytail. Secure with a second elastic band. Be sure to wrap a piece of hair from your ponytail around the hair-tie to hide it and complete the finished look.


5.  The Messy (Yet-Durable) Chignon

Christina Applegate - Hairstyles for any outdoor event

This sexy, messy style is perfection for any casual outdoor party or event. Think backyard BBQs, family reunions and of course, pool and beach parties. First, use texturizing spray like Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray on your locks to amp up the attitude, then simply separate your hair into two equally-sized ponytails held in each hand. Tie them into a loose knot towards the nape of your neck. Secure the ends by wrapping them around each knot and using bobby pins to set in place. Use Rusk Deepshine Oil Finishing Spray to set this gorgeous look to rock all night long!

Whatever the occasion, these outdoor do's are sure to beat the weather and secure the spotlight!

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