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5 Thanksgiving Hair Looks

The holiday season is officially a go! No matter what your Thanksgiving plans, you're most certainly going to be attending dinners or parties of some sort. Whether you're with family or friends, your Thanksgiving hair should be easy, stylish and totally you. Get inspired by some of our favorite Thanksgiving looks:

Low Chignon 

A look that's easy enough to pull off, but screams sophistication.

5 Thanksgiving Hair Looks

Side Pony

The perfect look for any hair texture. Plus, it looks like you spent way more time on it than you did.

5 Thanksgiving Hair Looks


Loose Waves

An easy go-to that many of us often take for granted. Master the look by following this quick tutorial.

5 Thanksgiving Hair Looks

Accessorize Your Updo

Nothing screams polished and pulled together as much as a good hair accessory. Plus, their great for keeping away flyways and those pesky baby hairs.  You also have the option to go as fancy or as low-key as you want.

5 Thanksgiving Hair Looks


Angelic Half-Up Hair

This look is particularly nice if you're looking for a sweet, simple style. Keep it simple by pinning back with a few bobby pins, or dress it up with some curls and sparkly clip.

5 Thanksgiving Hair Looks

Feeling inspired? Keep your hair in place with our favorite finishing sprays and hair sprays.

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