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6 Tips for Keeping Curly Hair Healthy

Being ‘healthier’ is easier said than done, right?


how to keep curly hair healthy

Keeping your curly hair healthy is important, especially with the change in seasons. Plus, it’s easier than hitting up the gym fives times a week. Here are some tips for keeping your curly hair healthy:

Get a Cut

I’ve said this many times but it’s vital that you keep your curly hair trimmed to maintain the vibrancy of your curls throughout the year. Ask your stylist about how often they recommend trims for your hair. Each curl type and texture will require something different.

Don’t Overuse Products

Using too many products on your curly hair can cause build up leading to tangled and unhealthy hair. Find your favorite two or three styling products and stick with those when styling.

Sleep on Silk

One of the easiest ways to keep your curly hair less frizzy is to sleep on a silk pillowcase. As you know, curly hair dries out quickly and cotton pillowcases can tend to dry out your hair. Satin or silk pillowcases can keep your skin looking fresh too!


Finding a shampoo and conditioner that works on curly hair can be challenge, I know! Sulfate-free products are some of the healthiest shampoo and conditioning products for curly hair.

Less straightening, more detangling

One way to keep your curly hair healthy if you’re straightening it frequently is using a detangling spray a few times a week. This prevents knots from forming and keeps the curls in tact.

Pump up the moisture

There are so many high quality products that help maintain the moisture in your curly hair like argan oils, hair masques, deep conditioners and conditioning treatments. So stock up on these products, your curly hair will be less frizzy and much healthier!

How do you keep your curly hair healthy?

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