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5 Tips for Transitioning Back to Natural Hair

5 Tips for Transitioning Back to Natural Hair

With an increasing amount of women looking to make the transition from relaxed to natural hair it begs the question how. Straight irons and pressing your hair are taking a back seat to braids and twist curls. Here I will give you five keys to grow out you hair naturally.

Women are looking to make the transition to natural hair because it is a much healthier option, but also because of the versatility of styles you can create. I am currently in the process of transitioning to natural without cutting off all of my hair so these keys are for those not looking to make the big chop.


5 Tips for Transitioning Back to Natural Hair

1) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize-No one ever said that they loved running their hands through dry hair. Moisturized hair is more manageable and easier to style while dry hair breaks. Play around and find the best products for you but water is the best hydration to be found!

2) Mind your edges and ends-Your hair is finest around the temple and at the ends. Be gentle with these areas. When you wash, massage gently around the temple area and when you brush to detangle start at the ends but try not to pull too hard to and ALWAYS comb out when the hair is wet.


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3) Find your transition style-One tough thing about transitioning to natural hair is that you have two different types of hair that need to blend and look good together. Curls and braids are great. Try bantu knots or a traditional twist out to mask the two different textures of hair.

4) A little off the bottom- Keep hair trimmed. As women, we tend to let the time in between trimmings go a little long. It is so important to keep the ends healthy. Every 4-6 weeks is a good timeline to keep.

5) Be Gentle- Take your time when you are styling and detangling your hair. Also heat is harsh and makes hair brittle so try to put down the flat iron.


Our friends over at Platinum Product Junkies shared their transition stories with us. See what worked (and didn't work!) for them. Maybe it can help you, too!

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