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5 Tips to Make Straight Hair Hold Curl

Tips to Make Straight Hair Hold Curl

So you’ve been blessed with naturally straight hair. For the every day roll out of bed and get ready for work routine, it is truly simple and amazing. But sometimes you want to put a little oomph into your hair. You’d like those effortless beachy waves, or those perfect drool-worthy spiral curls, but as much as you try - your pin straight locks just refuse to hold curls. Well have no fear; we've got 5 simple tips to help curl that hair!

Tip 1: Don’t wash it!

Sometimes it’s difficult to resist shampooing your hair on a regular basis, but if you skip the step for a few days before you plan curling your hair you’ll have positive results. Shampooing hair regularly strips the hair of sebum, an oily substance that keeps hair healthy. Styling non-shampooed hair gives curls something to hold on to. This tip applies to days when you aren’t planning to curl either. Limiting your weekly washes will make  hair healthier in the long run. If you have finer hair that starts to look greasy, try using dry shampoo. Check out Rusk Deepshine Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo. 

Tip 2: Sleep on it

For stubborn hair that needs a more long-term treatment, try using hair curlers. Put them in after an evening shower when hair is still wet and sleep with them in place. You may look a bit like your grandma, but it’s so worth it in the morning. Try CHI 1.25" Medium Hair Rollers for sleek curls with minimum damage. If you’re uncomfortable sleeping with curlers in, try pinning your curls. Do your usual curling routine, then spiral the curls and pin them close to your scalp. Apply lots of hairspray and then sleep on them. The next morning, remove the pins and finger style your hair. The curls will be more defined and last far longer.

Tip 3: Texturize and Volumize

Straight hair (especially fine hair) can look a little sparse when curled. Applying texturizing and volumizing products can make hair look fuller and more luscious. Texturizing products also help curls hold in place. Make sure you choose products that are lightweight, so curls aren’t weighed down. Try Rusk Texture Spray, Rusk Designer Collection Thick Body and Texture Amplifier, or Rusk Designer Collection Thickr Mousse.

Tip 4: Make Curls Tighter

You may want the look of loose waterfall curls, but in a few hours, those could be nonexistent. Instead start your day with tighter curls. They’ll loosen up throughout the day, ending with perfect beachy waves. When curling your hair, use an iron with a smaller barrel. Wrap hair tightly around and try not to loosen them as you style. Finger style your hair instead of brushing it, or only brush the top to smooth any flyaways. Try the Paul Mitchell Express Iron Curl XS for extra springy ringlets.

Tip 5: Hairspray, Hairspray, Hairspray

This tip is fairly self-explanatory. You need your curls to hold, so apply hairspray! Just know that more doesn’t necessarily mean better. Putting too much spray in can weigh down curls and make them fall out faster. Instead, opt for a higher quality spray with a stronger hold so you can apply less with the same effects. Be sure to spritz each curl while it’s still warm. Hairspray also helps minimize frizz. Try using Rusk Designer Collection W8less Hairspray for a strong hold.

These tips plus lots of patience will result in a beautiful head of bouncy curls!

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