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5 Tips To Kiss-Proof Your Lipstick


Summer is so close I can almost taste it! Time to dust off those Old Navy flip-flops I know you've got stored away and pull out that teeny bikini for some flirting-with-cute-boys-while-basking-in-the-sun-sipping-frosty-mojitos-on-the-beach kinda fun!


Oh and of course, we can't forget the beauty essentials- (ahem, that hot new lip color you just scooped up!)




While you're getting all of your beauty to-do's checked off the list, we've got you covered in the lip department. Try a few of these lip-savers to keep your purty lip color smooch-proof!


Give your lips a good scrub..



Any beauty expert will tell you the key to keeping lip color in place is to start with a smooth canvas. Exfoliating your lips not only makes them velvety smooth, but also helps to create an even base for lip color.

Keep your lips hydrated..



Lip balm lovers; you already know! Just as important as it is to exfoliate, it's also a great idea to keep your lips hydrated. Moisturizing helps to keep the fine lines in your lips plump, which means you won't have to worry about your lipstick cracking.


Try a lip primer..



Smooth primer on top of moisturized lips and apply lip color. A good brand will keep color from fading, creasing, or feathering.

Layer with lip liner.. 



Start by outlining your lips with liner. Next, use the liner to fill in your lips and apply your lipstick on top. The lip liner will keep your lipstick from bleeding and also helps adhere the lipstick to your lips for a longer wear.

Try Sorme Smearproof Lip Liner in tons of awesome hues.


Opt for long-wear lip color..



Long lasting lip colors have been around for ages. The great thing is that they have come a long way from the days of cracking and peeling. Now-a-days you can find the perfect long-wearing lip color in both a glossy and matte finish.

Sorme Perfect Performance Lip Colors smooth and moisturize lips while providing a punch of color - and last for hours.

Like a super shiny finish? Top your lipstick with a Sorme Lip Thick Plumping Lip Gloss. Or for the ultimate in great-tasting smooches, try Sorme Tasty Tube glosses for a pop of flavor.


I think you can take it from here! Any ideas you'd like to share on this topic? Leave us your word in the comments below, we love a good chat!


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