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Summer Glow Tutorial - 5 Ways to Apply Bronzer

Studies spotlighting Skin Cancer as one of many epidemics of the 2000's are rocking women around the world.

In our society, it isn't uncommon for the painstaking desire to be tan and feel beautiful to override the necessity to take care of our bodies and our skin. At Loxa Beauty, we want to encourage a healthy approach to all forms of beauty from hair to skin to makeup application. So, after doing some research into the practices of the top makeup artists in the world, we put together a list of 5 ways to apply bronzer.

Note: Though we aren't doctors, we recommend using a bronzer with an SPF 15 to give skin a little extra protection when you are outside. 

1. Full Face Application // Everyday Fast Look

bronze skin

The most practical of bronzer applications; the full face look is just as it sounds. For this method you will want to use a Kabuki brush (a short, fat brush). Simply dip your brush into the bronzer and lightly apply in a circular motion. Be sure you don't forget about your neck and chest. Also, be sure to make your temples and nose a fraction darker than the rest of your face. The sun hits these areas a little harder, so by applying in these areas, your look will appear much more natural.

2. Rule of 3

Known in the makeup industry as the "Rule of 3's", this method is perfect for a semi sculpted look. The application is simple: make a giant 3 motion on the sides of face- starting at the temple, moving down to the cheekbone and ending on the jawline. Follow by applying a rosy blush for a sun-kissed look.

miley cyrus

3. For the Pale Face

The worst thing a pale beauty could do is cake on a bunch of bronzer 10 shades darker than her skin tone. Unless you plan on bronzing your arms, people will notice... and they do notice. Instead, pull your hair back so you can fully see your hairline. Use a flat, fat brush and apply bronzer in an arc motion slightly below the hairline. Attain a new, clean brush (this is important!) and with a windshield wipe motion, spread the Bronzer evenly across your forehead. Continue with a similar method for the rest of the face.

Notice how the look was started at the hairline and brought down to darken the rest of the skin. Notice how the look was started at the hairline and brought down to darken the rest of the skin.

4. Sculpting

Scultped Makeup Notice the definition in her cheekbones & jawline.

Popular among celebrities, sculpting is an excellent way to add boldness and definition to the face. You will want to use a fat, flat brush similar to the one used in the pale method. The easiest way to contour is the focus on the cheekbones and jawline. Simply follow the natural line of your jaw and cheekbone and in a back and forth motion, lightly apply bronzer until the desired amount of definition is achieved.

5. Healthy Glow

Healthy glow

My absolute FAVORITE way to use bronzer is to actually give myself a fake tan. It sounds silly, but a natural tan is going to have tones of red underneath. This is why we can so easily tell a fake tan from a real tan. Fake tans don't have those beautiful tones of rose beneath the skin- USUALLY, but this one does.

You will need a bright blush and an angled brush. Apply a dab of blush (don't blend yet) to the cheekbones, temples and on the bridge of the nose. Next, go over your entire face lightly with bronzer, focusing on those areas of blush. Finalize the look by taking a clean brush and buffing/blending the blush and the bronzer together. There is no way to "overblend" this look, so keep blending as much as possible in order that there are no streaks of red blush.