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5 Ways to Get Ready Faster with Curly Hair

Struggle to get ready quickly in the morning? Regardless of what your day has in store, getting ready on-time and looking put together can be a challenge, especially with curly hair. I've streamlined my morning approach with these top 5 tips!
Invest in Argan Oil - No time to wash and condition your hair in the morning? Invest in a high quality argan oil. A drop of oil applied from root to tip will add instant moisturizer and vibrancy to your curly hair. This is one of my go-to steps. AG Hair the Oil is one of my favorites (and it's at a great price point for Argan oil!).
Use a diffuser - Using a diffuser is very important for styling curly hair, anytime! But using a diffuser on high heat will dry your curly hair super quickly and will still maintain the curl. Start with a heat protectant spray, diffuse your hair and you're ready. New to this tool? Learn about diffuser tips and tricks before getting started.
Keep your hair damp - Air drying your curly hair is OK! Use a product that adds texture to your hair and a diffuser to prevent frizz. Leaving your curly hair slightly damp to air dry is not only healthy, but cuts down on time to get ready.
Quick Updo - Seriously, your curly hair's best asset is that your hair is already ready for a quick and easy updo. Use a several bobby pins, pin your curls to the side and voila! your hair is done for the day.
Detangling spray - A quick spritz of a detangling spray in the morning will make your getting ready process even faster. This will prevent your curly hair from needing a conditioner in the morning. If you add an argan oil and then scrunch for a few minutes, you're ready!
What are your tricks for getting ready in a flash?

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