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6 Beauty Must-Haves for New Mamas

6 Beauty Must-Haves for New Mamas

The happiness, joy, and sleep deprivation that comes with motherhood is overwhelming (in the best kind of way). It's amazing how this little, tiny person now owns so much of your heart, soul, and hygiene schedule. While you'll have every intention on showering, brushing your teeth, and following your normal beauty routine, there's a chance it'll be a little tough at first.

In order to survive the beautiful chaos of motherhood, stock up on these six beauty must-haves for new mamas:

1) Dry Shampoo: You'll likely have guests in and out of your house the first few weeks at home with your newborn. If you're lucky, the visitors will bring you food, wine and caffeinated beverages. There's a small chance you'll go a few days without taking a shower, so while these visitors are appreciated, you may find yourself stressing out about your appearance. This is where dry shampoo saves the day. You can go a solid 3 days without showering if you keep your strands smelling and looking fresh with dry shampoo. Just apply the spray to your roots, style quickly and you're all set for new guests. Paul Mitchell's Dry Wash and Indie Hair Dry Shampoo #comeclean are great options.

2) Hair Loss Kits: Most women experience some form of postpartum hair loss. Others less fortunate have an extreme case of hair loss (myself included).  Nioxin Hair Scalp and Hair Care Kit quickly became my best friend. I used System 4 for my noticeably thinning, fine hair, but you'll want to pick the kit that's right for you by taking this short survey.

3) Shine Serum: As your hair texture changes (thanks to the post-baby hormones), you'll want to keep adding the right amount of moisture and vitamins to your strands.  AG Hair's The Oil is rich in organic Moroccan argan oil, and gives your hair unbelievable softness and shine. The Oil is made with sustainably sourced, fair-trade organic Moroccan argan oil that is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E.

4) Eye Cream: As your body adjusts to a new sleep schedule, you'll start noticing puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. Solve this problem by using an eye cream or serum such as Pevonia Eye Contour Serum, which erases puffiness, diminishes dark circles and smooth fine lines.

Erases puffiness, diminishes dark circles, and smooths fine lines. - See more at:
Erases puffiness, diminishes dark circles, and smooths fine lines. - See more at:

5) Makeup Primer: Out of all the beauty products for new moms,  makeup primers might be the thing that helps pull it all together. As a busy and new mom, products that offer multiple benefits are often the best.  Makeup primers are great because not only do they smooth skin, even tone and fill in fine lines, but they can also be used by themselves. Perfect for the new mom who doesn't have time for a lot of makeup, but wants an even skin tone. Sorme's Fresh Start is a great option as it also has ingredients which repair damage caused by free radicals.

6) Lip Gloss: Sometimes, all a girl needs is a little lip color to boost her mood. Find a color that makes you shine! Colors with a little pop will brighten your complexion, and make you look more together than perhaps you feel. Sorme's Lip Thick Plumping Lip Gloss in Lollipop is the perfect shade of pink for bringing out your natural perk. When in doubt, start with a more subtle color such as Sorme's Tasty Tube in Mesmerize, and branch out from there.

Best of all, most of these beauty products are portable, and fit perfectly into your diaper bag (aka your new purse).

Which beauty products would you recommend for new moms?

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