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6 Easy Ways to Boost Salon Business in 2014

6 Easy Ways to Boost Salon Business

A new year, a clean slate, a fresh start. We've officially turned the calendar page to 2014 and are off and running toward making this a fantastic year. You probably have a list--mental or physical--of all the things you'd like to see happen this year, whether it's lose weight or make a major career shift. But how are things looking on the business front? Here are some stylist resolutions to consider for 2014:

Treat every client like a new client

You pull out all the stops to impress a new client, but it's easy to slip into the comfort zone with those you've been seeing for years.

"We sometimes forget to give those guests that have been with us a long time that extra care," said Rondeann Wood, a Houston-based stylist. Wood reminds that these clients are an important part to a stylists' business. As a result it's key to keep raising the bar on their experience to make sure they know they're a valued client.

"We are not just hairstylists but many things to many people," she said. "Arm chair psychologists, veterinarians...They come to share their time with us and we need to keep them and that at the forefront."

Ditch the comfort zone

On the same front, it's easy to stay in the comfort zone with your existing client list. However, the most successful stylists are always on the lookout for new clients and ways to get people in their chair. Even if you're happy with your typical week of appointments, remember clients go through regular life changes. People move. New moms are probably not going to make as much time for regular colors. You never know when things will change, so plan to get out there, promote, and keep your name in front of new, potential clients.

Create a marketing plan

Flying by the seat of your pants with social media? Try a few things on and off through the years but never consistently do anything? It's time to take all those trial and errors and find a plan that works. Take some time to plan your marketing out ahead, whether tweets, blog posts, or larger marketing campaigns (holiday promotions, VIP events, etc.) and develop a plan you can stick with throughout the year ahead. At the end of 2014 you can assess what worked and what didn't, using that as a foundation for the next year.

Put education high on your list

As stylists you're only as good as your skillset, so keeping your abilities sharp is key. Shoot for clinics or programs you've been putting off, teach yourself more info about that line your salon just picked up, and, if a salon owner, strive to keep educational opportunities in front of your stylists throughout the year. In addition, make educating your clients a high priority. Be well versed in what makes that Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play the best option for your client's needs and nail down a way to approach talking about products with your clients.

Treat your hair better

From trying new techniques to switching colors like a chameleon, stylists are notoriously changing things up and treating their hair not so great in the process. This year, practice what you preach and take more time to give your hair TLC, whether that means avoiding drastic color changes, keeping a style for a longer period of time, or handing the shears over to someone else.

Actually keep your goals

A resolution to keep your resolution--sounds silly, right? But after years of not following through, it's time to take charge. When you set your personal and business resolutions, make sure they're SMART--specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-oriented. For instance, saying you want to tweet 5 times a day 6 days a week is fully doable and easily measured by seeing whether you actually tweeted 5 times a day 6 days a week. Saying you want 500 more clients by June, on the other hand, would be unrealistic and not quite attainable. Whatever goals you want to set, consider asking yourself these five things and put the goal on paper, breaking down the steps and making smaller deadlines to get it all in place.

What resolutions and goals did you set for yourself this year? We'd love to hear! Tweet us at @loxabeauty or comment below.

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