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6 Reasons Clients Remain Loyal (Guest Blogger)

6 Reasons Clients Remain Loyal | Small Salon Biz for Loxa Beauty

1. Education

Clients appreciate a stylist who remains engaged in an ongoing conversation about healthy hair. Educate your clients about your product line and styling approach.

Make sure your client knows WHY you’re doing a cool water rinse after a conditioning treatment and show them how much product you’re using in their hair, so they’ll be comfortable with using it at home.

2. Atmosphere

Believe it or not, making time to visit the salon can feel like a chore. Turn your client’s chore into a retreat by investing in ways to make your salon atmosphere more relaxing. Consider adjusting the music to something more calming. Perhaps you could offer added value services with each visit? I don't mean a $10 add-on service, I mean something that just comes with the experience. Decide on a service that you can commit to giving every customer, every time. Shoulder massages, hot tea, wine and water are all examples of how your can enhance your client's salon experience. Clients always look forward to the finished look but let’s help the guest find value in the entire experience.


The beautiful Metodo Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in London The beautiful Metodo Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in London

3. Retail

Clients are looking for convenience. It’s great to be educated about products that are good additions to your daily regimen. It’s even better to be able to pick up those items while you’re at the salon. Having retail items on hand helps the stylist to increase their service ticket and it's a convenient option for the guest.

4. Predictable Results

No one wants to be surprised by the outcome of his or her haircut or color service. Using a measured approach delivers results that clients can rely on. When you have the technical skill to deliver results time after time, you can bet on client retention that lasts year after year.

5. Predictable Pricing

Think about the amount of time and product that’s required for each service and create a service menu. You might even consider a standard up-charge for very long or dense hair. However, once you set your price list, stick to it. When every service price is subject to change – it’s annoying. This approach doesn’t allow clients to budget regular salon services even when they want to. When clients know how much it will cost to look good, they’ll make plans to do just that.


How to keep clients loyal

6. Timely Services

There's a lot to be said about a hairstylist that can deliver professional results in record time. Timing is essential for client retention. Hairdressers who understand this are wealthier, for two reasons: 1.) They can service more clients each day and 2.) There’s more demand for hairdressers who are talented and fast. Learning to work quickly pays off for you and your clients.



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