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6 Summer Hair Dilemmas: Solved

Sometimes it may seem like there ain't no cure for the summertime blues when it comes to your precious locks. However, these top summer hair gripes DO have solutions!

1. Flat Locks164650287

Battling with humidity in the summer can be a real drag for your strands. Almost literally. Styling your hair can be a complete waste of time without the right ingredients. First, try using a Wella shampoo and conditioner designed for fine hair (try Wella Enrich Shampoo + Conditioner For Fine To Normal Hair). They won't leave heavy residue that can weigh your locks down. Post-shower, apply a volumizing spray to damp roots and lift strands while blow-drying. When styling hair, opt for lighter products with hold. Finish by misting a flexible-hold spray. Looking for the best products to use? We've got you covered: 4 Products to Fight Off Humidity

2. Frizzy Strands5416278

And what can humidity do to our curly-haired babes? Major frizzness! To curb damp air from turning your coif into Roseanne Roseannadanna's epic 'fro, our curl guru/blogger, Megan swears by starting with a shampoo and conditioner specifically crafted for curly hair. But not too often! Curly hair isn't as needy when it comes to cleansing on a regular basis. One or two washes per week should cover you. Megan also suggests a strong holding gel to glue her texture into place, as well as a monthly hair mask designed for curly hair (try Brocato Curlinterrupted™ Smoothing & Hydrating Treatment! It's Megan-approved!) - bound to tame the frizz. Dying to know her product secrets? She spills them here.


3. Chlorine Damage76755254

Taking frequent dips in the pool may seem like an innocent summer-time activity, but the reality is that it completely robs your hair of moisture. The chlorine in the water strips your scalp of its natural oils, causing it to dry out and become porous. Before taking the literal plunge, condition your coif with a leave-in conditioner. This can prevent your strands from absorbing too much of the chemical. Another post-dip option is applying an oil treatment. Our blogger and lifeguard veteran, Brendon swears by Moroccanoil Treatment. Read his awesome review here - while learning a little more about how to treat pool hair damage!

4. Sun Damage142289365

We all know that the sun can damage our skin. But did you know it can damage your hair, too? And just like our skin, our hair also needs protection from the UVAs & Bs. For quick, easy (and stylish) protection - sporting a hat, scarf, or turban can protect your scalp and strands, simultaneously. If you insist on ditching the hat, try a "hair sunscreen" like Sebastian's Halo Mist. This spray shields your strands from sun damage while giving them a glossy, luminating effect. For more on pre and post-sun hair care, Don't Let the Sun Damage Your Hair.

5. Oily Hair136631794

Is your hair feeling straw-like from all that sun and pool exposure? Your first instinct would tell you to load up on the conditioner and shine serums - right? WRONG! Constantly mixing moisturizing treatments with summer's brutal humidity can be a recipe for oily disaster. Instead, spread out your conditioning schedule and apply treatments to the mid-shaft and ends of your hair only to avoid greasy roots.

6. Dry Hair119794418

By summer's end, our hair has been through the worst of it all: heat, chlorine exposure, sun damage - the works. Give back to your hair what was taken from it with a deep conditioning hair mask. We recommend Sebastian Drench Deep-Moisturizing Treatment. This deep intensive mask restores your hair's moisture and conditions for silky, smooth results.

summer haircare

For results in the summer months, be sure to condition the middle and ends of your strands only - and sparingly. You can also eliminate dryness by using heated styling tools in [very light] moderation. The heat produced by irons and dryers can rob your hair of moisture.

Have fun in the sun this summer, but remember to play it safe by protecting your skin AND hair in the process!

For the love of healthy strands in the sun,


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