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6 Tips for Straightening Curly Hair in the Winter

Straightening your curly hair this winter? If you're located in a colder climate, straightening curly hair can be challenging with the blustering winds, cold temperatures and unpredictable snow!

Curly Winter Hair

Protecting my curly hair is a MUST in the winter. Here's my top 6 tips for straightening curly hair in the winter.

Loose the Hat - Opt for earmuffs instead of a hat. Not only are they super cute, but wearing earmuffs will prevent your hair from becoming frizzy at the root. And, your curly hair will hold it's straightness longer.

Oil-based products - Oil-based products are the best products for straightening curly hair in the winter. They add moisture back into the curl and prevent frizziness.

Keep it simple - We all love testing new products but when straightening your winter during the winter, simplify your routine with less styling products. This prevents your hair from being weighed down.

Finishing Spray - Once your hair is dry, use a finishing spray to complete the look. Using a finishing spray keeps the hair cuticle from curling up throughout the day.

Product Recommendation: Joico Texture Spray

Use your Coat - When walking into work or running errands, tuck your hair into the back of your coat to protect the ends. It might seem silly but it will keep your hair from getting curly again in the wind and snow.

Argan Oil - Argan oil will be your best friend when straightening your hair in the winter. Bring a travel size argan oil with you throughout the day to run on your ends to keep the curls moisturized and straight!

Product Recommendation: AG Hair the Oil

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