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8 Ways to Shake Up Your Beauty Routine


Once you adopt a make-up routine or fall in love with a particular set of products, it's easy to keep using them week after week, month after month...or even year after year.

I've been using some of the same products since I first started wearing make-up, and while I've perfected the go-to daily look, sometimes you just need to mix it up. Getting out of a beauty rut might take a little effort, but fortunately it's a fun effort!


Glitter eye shadow from high school probably doesn't have a place in your life anymore, and if you didn't just graduate, chances are it desperately needs to be tossed. When you're ready to mix things up, take some time to clean out the things that are too old or don't deserve to take up space in your cosmetic stash anymore. It's also an ideal time to clean your brushes by soaking them in warm, soapy water.


Plus One

A quick way to change up a routine--that can also dramatically change a look--is to introduce one more product. Maybe you regularly skip mascara or eyeliner, maybe you avoid blush. That extra 30 seconds and additional product can add a little extra without much effort. You can do the same thing with your hair. Instead of going sleek and smooth, maybe add a texture-boosting product like Wella Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray.

Same But Different

Sometimes a little change can just be a matter of swapping the type of product you use. Liquid eyeliner and eyeliner pencil, for example, achieve different looks. Replace lipstick with a gloss or tinted balm. Quick and easy, but positively different.


Bold Lip (Or Its Opposite)

A bold lip color is one of the fastest ways to make a statement. Plus, it doesn't require much other make-up (it gets too overwhelming when paired with a bold eye or blush). Try out a few bold lipsticks or adopt a classic red (like Sorme Perfect Performance Lip Color in Glamour Red). If you already rock a bold lip, try toning it down with a more toned down shade, like light pink or champagne gloss. Sorme Lip Thick Lip Plumping Gloss in Meltdown is a perfect nude hue that adds some luciousness to your lips.

Search Pinterest

Pinterest is king when it comes to collecting beauty looks or finding new tutorials for techniques. But how often do you take the time to try something new? Scour your existing boards or find something new and set out to achieve the look. Or spin some time adding a new technique to your bag of tricks, like cat eye liner. (Follow us on Pinterest here!)

Beauty Subscription Box

Subscription services like Birchbox and Julep are all the rage, helping to introduce you to new products or getting you to try new colors or items you wouldn't necessarily pick out for yourself. New subscription options pop up all the time, meaning it's easy to try to find one that fits in with your needs or tastes. Spend some time searching your options before settling on one.


Adopt a Trend

Trends are fleeting, but they're also fun. Neon orange all the rage? Then try it out for a day, whether on your nails or lips--or if feeling crazy, eyes. Picking a trendy shade or look is a good way to experiment and get out of your comfort zone--all while still being in style.

Try On a New Look

Sometimes you need a drastic overhaul. If you're itching to cut your hair or try a new color, have a little fun and try on some new looks without the commitment. Sites like InStyle have fun virtual makeovers to see what a particular cut or color would look like on you. Or try playing with your hair to see what it would look like shorter, such as with a faux bob. If you're feeling a new look you've tried in, then go for it!

What are your favorite ways to mix it up? We'd love to hear! Let us know: @loxabeauty. And when you're looking for some inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards, full of ideas, tutorials, and products we love.




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