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8 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

The alarm sounds and snooze rushes in for the rescue!   You can count on that little button to be there for you each and every morning like you can count on the sun to rise before you are ready for its light to begin shining.  In that moment, when decision making is blurred by a groggy and sleepy half-awakened stupor, all you can think about is to plead for a mere 9 extra minutes of continued slumber.  Before you know it, you’ve hit snooze about 3 times, are now a half-hour behind, just sky-rocket jumped out of bed, and instant adrenaline energy has got you moving!


The first battle – deciding what you will sacrifice out of your morning routine to be in the car on time.  Breakfast? Putting together a super cute outfit? Makeup? … Well it has to be one of those, because if you take any of these tips, it surely won’t be hairstyling that you have to sacrifice.


How to take time off your morning hair routine:


1.  Style your hair wet.  Pull it back into a super sleek bun and look work-ready instantly.  Heck, the bun is so quick to style, you might even find yourself with extra time to add a little pop of braid to your bun!

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2.  Air-dry.  If you shower, slice off some blow dry time by letting your hair begin to air-dry as you get dressed, do your makeup, and eat breakfast.


3.  Use a Blow-Dry Spray.  Slice off even more blow dry time by using a blow dry spray. AG Hair Colour Care Insulate Blow-Dry Spray works absolute WONDERS – I’ve never been able to dry my hair so quickly before!


4.  Upgrade your hair-dryer.  If blow-drying is still taking up a good portion of your morning hair routine, it might be time to consider cleaning or upgrading your blow-dryer.  Try an ionic dryer – it will take off blow-dry time and leave your hair feeling extra silky smooth.


Chi Ionic hair dryer


5.  Wear a shower cap.  Wear a shower cap or throw your hair up in a clip during your shower.  There is no need to wash your hair every day (in fact it is actually healthier if you don’t!).  Then just pull your hair down and a few quick touch ups to yesterday’s style with your straightener or curling iron will have you ready in minutes!


6.  .Shower the night before.  If you know you absolutely need to wash your hair, shower the night before to avoid the whole ordeal of dealing with wet hair.


7.  Use dry shampoo.  The wonders of dry shampoo are astonishing!  Avoid the shower altogether and mist this magical product on those greasy areas.  You will be fooling everyone with how freshly cleaned your hair looks!  All of the girls here on our Loxa Beauty team are KMS HairPlay Makeover Spray dry shampoo junkies.  Hands down, it is the best!


KMS HairPlay Make Over Spray


8.  Accessorize.  It sounds kind of weird that adding more things would cut style time… but stick with me here for a second.  Accessories work like pain pills, you see… they don’t really get rid of the problem (messy/ crazy/unruly hair that you don’t have time to control) but they sure can do one heck of a job covering it up!  If you don’t have time to get your hair looking perfect, just add an accessory to cover it up!  Wild hair twisted and turned at your hair line? – throw on a turban or headband.  A bump in your sleek pony? – cover it with a cute clip.  Bangs untamed? – pull them back with a little brooch.  Accessories are your best friends for a little quick fixing!


Now then, if you REALLY want to sidestep the rush, you could easily gain 9-30 extra styling minutes by simply avoiding that snooze button. ;)


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