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A Solution to Naturally Thinning Hair: Nioxin DiaMax Intensive Leave-in Treatment

Nioxin Diamax Intensive Therapy Treatment

Whether you have naturally fine hair or are starting to experience hair loss as you've gotten older, a solution for thicker looking hair is at the top of your radar. This is where Nioxin's brand new Intensive Therapy Diamax Intensive Leave-in Treatment comes to the rescue.

Scientifically proven to deliver visibly thicker-looking hair after one use,  the Nioxin DiaMax Intensive Leave-in Treatment is an innovative approach to the treatment of fine, thinning hair. The treatment help thickens existing hair at the roots, making hair look visibly fuller. It's intensive formula also protects hair against breakage allowing hair to grow longer.


How to use:

Nioxin Diamax Intensive Therapy Treatment

1. Apply generously throughout the scalp on wet or dry hair.


Nioxin Diamax Intensive Therapy Treatment

2. Massage gently at the roots.


Nioxin Diamax Intensive Therapy Treatment

3. Style hair as normal.


We asked three people - all with different hair needs - to try Nioxin's DiaMax Intensive Leave-in Treatment. This is what they thought:


Audra - Biggest Hair Concern: Holding Style

"Compared to other thickening and volumizing products that I've used in the past, Nioxin's DiaMax Intensive Leave-In Treatment has given my hair an overall healthier look with more volume. What I loved most about it is when I use it, my hair completely holds its style. I definitely feel more confidence in my look since using this product. "


Nioxin Diamax - Ashley  Applying Product

Ashley - Biggest Hair Concern: Shedding/Hair Loss

"Since using the treatment my hair is much smoother than before. There is a noticeable difference in how much fuller my hair feels and my confidence has shot through the roof . I'm really thankful for products like DiaMax Advanced and that brands like Nioxin that are addressing these issues with hair loss/thinning. I had a difficult time as I watched my hair fall out before my eyes after having my son. I felt as if I'd be bald forever, but now I have signs of hope and am thrilled at the results!"


Ryan - Biggest Hair Concern: Thinning

"I come from a long line of early balding men in my family, so I figured it was only a finite time before I began to experience hair loss myself. I used the product mostly at night, each time after showering from a workout with my hair wet. The treatment has left my hair feeling thicker after just a few uses and I have seen a noticeable difference in it's thickness. "


Shop Nioxin & learn more about the Nioxin DiaMax Intensive Leave-in Treatment to see  if it's right for you!

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