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How to Achieve Cool Girl Hair

How to Achieve Cool Girl Hair

If you look closely at the cool girl hairstyles of celebs and non-celebs alike, you'll notice that they all have a few things in common. Here are 5 hair tips worth trying to achieve your own signature cool girl style.


Make it look effortless

We know that behind every great hairdo lies a great stylist, the right products and perhaps lots of prep time, but no one should be able to tell. The appeal of cool hair is that it gives the illusion of “I woke up like this.”


Don’t overwork it

No need for every hair to be in place or for the overall look to feel fussy.  A bit of undoneness is what lends the coveted cool girl touch. Strive to strike the right balance between great styling and letting your hair kinda do its thing.  Help the unkempt look along with AG Hair Texture Spray Defining & Finishing Spray.


Take a risk

Go on honey a chance! Take notes from celebs and everyday style icons who treat their hair like the ultimate accessory. They get excited about any opportunity to try something different. Even if they’ve been rocking a particular cut for a while they get creative with their stylist and never seem to be short on hair options to play with.


Use the element of surprise

Cool girls have a penchant for wearing classic styles with a big or small twist.  Whether that means rocking a classic style with an unexpected color, feisty undercut or a length that’s a little longer or shorter than usual there’s always a way to take advantage of element of surprise.


Add personality

Cool girl hair is never about carbon copying someone else’s look. Even if you’re inspired by someone else’s striking baby bangs or mermaid waves,  play with making the hairstyle your own. Never feel the need to be so serious, there’s nothing wrong with having some fun!

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