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Achieve voluminous curly hair, without frizz

Achieve voluminous curly hair, without frizz  2


Voluminous curly hair has been frequenting a lot of runway shows lately. But achieving voluminous curly hair without frizz isn't an easy task. Try these simple tips to keep your hair both voluminous and shiny throughout the day.

Heat protectant spray:  Start with a setting spray designed for curly hair that's not sticky. AG Hair's Curl Thermal Setting Spray Gel will help keep your curls looking soft and full of shine once you achieve volume.

Diffuse from the bottom to the top:  Use a diffuser to dry your hair from the end to the root to prevent your hair from getting frizzy at the top. Diffuse smaller sections than normal while moving the sections away from your head to achieve more volume.


Achieve voluminous curly hair, without frizz

Tousle as your blow dry:  As you're blow drying your hair tousle the curls gently from the root to add additional volume to your hair. Be careful not to touch your hair too much causing frizz.

Finish with an argan oil: Once your hair is dry use an argan oil like AG Hair The Oil to tame down any frizzy fly-aways. Use very sparingly to prevent the volume created in your curly hair from being weighed down.

These simple tips will keep your curly hair very voluminous, shiny and without frizz throughout the entire day!

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