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Why AG Hair The Oil Is Perfect for Every Hair Type

Our blogging team has been putting AG Hair products to the test. After trying out their colour care products and Beach Bomb Tousled Texture Spray, we moved onto the mission of testing their renowned product, The Oil.

To make the review all-inclusive, we had seven of our bloggers - each with different hair types. textures and routines - try the product for nearly a month. Here's what they had to say about AG Hair The Oil!



Hair type + texture: Straight as a board, fine and never colored.

Favorite way to style: I usually wear my hair down and straight or in a quick bun. If I'm going out, I'll wear it curled, sleek and straight or in a fun braided updo.

Biggest hair gripe: I have no volume at all! My hair is so fine and stick-straight, it often gets weighed down by products. And though I rarely heat style my hair, I still end up with breakage and damage on a regular basis.

Sarah's experience with The Oil: I was nervous yet excited to try out The Oil. Because of my straight, fine hair, I was concerned The Oil would weigh my hair down like so many other products I've tried in the past. To my surprise, that was not the case at all! After using The Oil just once, my coworkers immediately noticed a difference. People kept commenting on how nice my hair looked. I love how The Oil adds moisture and shine, smoothing out my hair without flattening it.


AG Hair The Oil review


Hair type + texture: My hair is fine, thin and, I'll say it, heat damaged. I also get it colored on a regular basis.

Favorite way to style: I usually wear my hair straight (using a flat iron). If I'm going out or feeling fancy, I'll do a simple updo.

Biggest hair gripe: I've experienced dramatic hair loss due to post-partum hormones, especially in my bangs! I long for thicker, healthier hair with volume.

Ashley's experience with The Oil: I've been eying this product forever! Years ago, I was hooked on a silk-enhancing product that helped give my hair shine and smoothness after using my flat iron. Although my old silk product worked in those areas, I felt the product really weighed down my already thin hair. The Oil offers the perfect balance of shine and smoothness, which helped transform my dry and heat-damaged hair to sleek and happy hair. Best of all? The Oil didn't weigh down any of my fine hair. I can finally enjoy voluminous, bouncy hair like I've always dreamed about, and it's still shiny and pretty! I’ll be using this product for a long time, and recommending The Oil to everyone I know.


AG Hair The Oil review


Hair type + texture: Fine and a little dry with a semi-natural wave. My hair tends to hold waves and curls done with a curling iron fairly well. I can blow dry my hair straight, but it needs a little help from a flat iron to get rid of any kinks.

Favorite way to style: Curled with LOTS of volume. With my fine hair, I make sure that it’s going to stay and not fall flat by the time I head out for an event.

Biggest hair gripe: My hair sometimes gets horribly dry and lacks moisture for any volume, especially in colder months. When it's lacking moisture, my hair tends to break off easily, making it harder to grow out and more difficult to create my favorite looks.

Caitie's experience with The Oil: I have tried a lot of different oils for my hair, especially in winter. By far, The Oil is the best one I've ever tried! It helps my hair hold the moisture it needs, while the Keratin protein in the product makes my hair feel strong, extremely soft and shiny. My hair is so much easier to style after using it - it feels healthier than it has in a long time!



Hair type + texture: Before I chopped my long-ish hair into a lob, my hair was fine and thin, with the tendency to be dry and damaged (even moreso because it's blonde and color treated). My new healthy cut feels much thicker and healthier, so I'd (finally) put myself in that category.

Favorite way to style: If I'm in a hurry, I quickly straighten my ends with a flat iron to smooth them, though my hair blow dries pretty straight anyway. I prefer to style my lob with a curling wand, which gives me voluminous, bouncy waves.

Biggest hair gripe: I have to be very careful about the amount of products I use on my hair. It's very easy for my hair to feel oily or like products are built-up, even if I've just washed and pre-styled it.

Hannah's experience with The Oil: I'll be honest: Oils make me nervous, as my fine-ish hair seems to get greasy super fast. But after using The Oil just one time, I was completely blown away by the results. Just one small pump of The Oil made my hair incredibly smooth and shiny, and it didn't weigh down my hair at all. I had plenty of bounce and volume in my strands, and I didn't have to even tease my hair or use gobs of hairspray.

Best of all, I can now go two or even three days between washes, which is HUGE for me. In the past, it's been a struggle to even try to make second-day hair look presentable because of oil and build-up (even with a dry shampoo). But The Oil is so weightless, even day three looked like my hair was freshly washed. I will definitely add this product to my daily hair routine - it's done miracles for my hair!



Hair type + texture: My hair is very thick and dry with a slight natural wave. It holds curl incredibly well, but my hair also stays straight when I use a flat iron. I’m really lucky when it comes to my locks!

Favorite way to style: On average days, I wear my hair wavy, using a classic curling iron to play up my natural waves. When I'm getting dressed up, I like to wear it HUGE, whether straight, wavy or curly.

Biggest hair gripe: My hair is colored, and I heat style frequently, so my biggest issue is heat damage. I also tend to get dandruff in the winter months.

Melanie's experience with The Oil: I've tried just about every single Argan oil out there. Most didn’t even compare to the original Moroccanoil, but dare I say the AG Hair version is even better. Oils can really weigh hair down - especially if you use even the slightest bit too much - but this one was so light and felt great on my hair. I use The Oil after each time I shampoo and condition now!



Hair type + texture: My hair is thick with afro-textured curls. I'm lucky that my hair curls beautifully, but it doesn’t stay straight for very long. My hair also tends to get dry and rather brittle, so sometimes my curls turn frizzy and feel harsh against my fingers, especially during the colder months. Overall, I’m always looking for more nourishment when it comes to my locks.

Favorite way to style: I usually wear my hair down and play up my natural curls. When I wake up and unwrap my hair, my curls are usually pretty unruly. I use water, a dollop of gel, and a diffuser to “mold” my hair back into place. If I'm feeling fancy, I wear my hair up in a bun, or down and straight. Because my hair doesn’t stay straight for that long, I usually opt for a low or high bun, depending on my outfit.

Biggest hair gripe: My hair gets extremely tangled throughout the day, especially in the colder months. Sometimes I’ll have to excuse myself and reapply gel mid-day just to keep my curls from looking too crazy as the day progresses!

Martha's experience with The Oil: After just the first use, The Oil made my hair extremely shiny and helped repair my damaged ends. The effect from The Oil lasts all day, and even into the next day. It's just what my dry, frizzy locks needed!



Hair type + texture: My hair is naturally very thick and curly. With adequate moisture, my hair curls pretty easily.

Favorite way to style: I generally wear my hair down in a curly style or in a bun. If I'm getting dressed up, I like to jazz it up. If I wear my hair curly, it's usually with major volume and definition.

Biggest hair gripe: Detangling my curls and finding products that improve my hair's moisture level.

Samantha's experience with The Oil: I loved the texture of The Oil. I'm a huge fan of using oil on my curls because it leaves such a nice shine and really helps with moisture. AG Hair The Oil went even further by helping detangle my hair, leaving me with smooth, shiny curls.


Have you tried AG Hair? Did you LOVE it as much as we did? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!


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