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AG Hair Smooth: Sleek, Straight and Safe

Our blogging team has been putting AG Hair products to the test. After trying out their colour care productsBeach Bomb Tousled Texture Spray, The OilAG Hair's Volume line and natural hair products, we're now taking a look at AG Hair Smooth line. Here's how our bloggers felt about this line of products!


AG Hair Smooth line review


Hair type + texture: Strangely, my hair is thick yet fine. It has a bit of natural wave and curl, especially in the humidity. The south and my hair do not get along.

Favorite way to style: On a casual day, I wear my hair straight and sleek, using a hair straightener. When I'm feeling fancy, I'll either keep it straight or go for curls with hot rollers.

Biggest hair gripe: My hair is heavy and takes forever to dry, even when I try to let it air dry.

Products Sarah tried: Firewall Argan Flat Iron Spray, Deflect Fast-Dry Heat ProtectionSet It Straight


Firewall Argan Flat Iron Spray: I’d never used a flat iron spray before, but now I’m quite hooked. Firewall gave my hair incredible shine and sleekness, and it worked like a charm with my flat iron. I also really love using it as a finishing spray for an extra boost of shine. Best of all, it doesn’t leave a residue or make me feel like I’m weighing down my hair.

Deflect Fast-Dry Heat Protection: While Deflect Fast-Dry Heat Protection Spray didn’t dramatically reduce my drying time, I could at least tell a difference. For people with thick hair like me, I’ve found it’s important to really work products through those under layers to cut down on styling time. This product also made me feel good about adding a layer of security between my hair and the heat, something I’m guilty of never doing.

Set It Straight: Set It Straight Argan Straightening Lotion reminded me a lot of a shine serum, but it was a little thicker and not as sticky as some gels tend to be. I liked that I didn't have to use much effort to work the product through my hair, and Set It Straight also helped tame some of the waves and flips I’m always battling in my styling. Set It Straight also made my hair look and feel more polished after blow drying, cutting down on my need to always follow up with a flat iron - a plus for busy days or when I’m in a hurry.



Hair type & texture: Curly hair to the maximum! My hair is fine, curly and thin in texture. If I style my hair correctly and with the right products, it can be voluminous.

Favorite way to style hair: Curly with a little bit a volume. I prefer soft and textured curls vs. extremely defined.

Biggest hair gripe: Curly hair doesn’t air dry very well, and I absolutely CANNOT do second-day hair. I have to add product, rewet or at least add some moisture back into my hair in order to wear my hair more than one day in a row with washing. Finally, my hair becomes incredibly frizzy in any type of humid weather.

Products Megan tried: Set It Straight

Results: HOLY STRAIGHT! I find it really challenging to not only straighten my curly hair, but to also keep it straight for more than a few hours. I used a tiny amount of Set It Straight, and it was a seamless process to get my hair to straighten. The best part? This straightness lasted at least NINE hours, throughout my entire workday. My hair only started to slightly curl up when I went outside on a rainy day! My hair stayed so smooth all day, and I received numerous compliments on how silky it looked. I actually want to straighten my hair more often because of this product.



Hair type + texture: My hair is very thick and dry with a slight natural wave. My locks holds curl incredibly well, but it also stays straight when I use a flat iron. I’m really lucky when it comes to my locks!

Favorite way to style: On average days, I wear my hair wavy, using a classic curling iron to play up my natural waves. When I'm getting dressed up, I like to wear it HUGE, whether straight, wavy or curly.

Biggest hair gripe: My hair is colored, and I heat style frequently, so my biggest issue is heat damage. I also tend to get dandruff in the winter months.

Products Melanie tried: Firewall Argan Flat Iron Spray

Results: I heat style almost every day, so a good heat protectant is really important to me. Firewall is the first aerosol version I’ve tried, though. I like that it was light, airy and could be sprayed continuously. My hair definitely felt softer and shinier after using. I look forward to keeping Firewall in my rotation!


Have you tried AG Hair? Did you LOVE it as much as we did? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!


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