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Put the Blow-dryer Down, Let's Curl it Out! (Guest Blogger)

All my ladies with curly hair, please stand up! With summer just a hot minute away, prep yourself with this perfect technique for managing your curls by letting your hair air-dry. Whether you have tight curls or loose waves, this little air-dry curl tutorial will work like a charm.air dry curl tutorial dianna agron

Step  1- Out the shower, cocktail a curling cream with an argan oil and distribute throughout your hair

Step 2 - Use a large comb and run it through to evenly distribute in your hair. Take a towel and scrunch your hair (don’t use your hands)

Step 3 - Once you scrunch it up, you will be able to see your curl patterns. Take sections of your hair and twist them from the root to the ends. Some forward, some backward. Do this to your entire head, alternating smaller and bigger sections. Scrunch again with a towel (using your hands will cause frizz)

Step 4 - Let it air dry and enjoy!

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