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American Crew Guide | Achieving an All American Look



After a long day at the office, sometimes it just feels good to burn off some steam at the gym or on the court with the guys. This mussy, athletic look is perfect for just that. It’s a versatile style that can take you any where you want to go.


What you’ll need:
- American Crew Anti Dandruff  Shampoo
- American Crew Daily Conditioner
- American Crew Molding Clay
- Brush/comb (optional depending on hair length)


1. Clean hair is great for styling. Plus, if you’re an athlete, it’s probably best to treat your scalp to some TLC to get rid of sweat and buildup. Try American Anti Dandruff Shampoo followed by American Crew Daily Conditioner.
2. Before applying product, you want your hair to only be a little damp. Towel dry to get hair ready for styling.
3. Apply a generous amount of American Crew Molding Clay. This product will give you strong hold and medium shine. To soften the product, rub between fingertips and then work it from the scalp
to the ends of hair.
4. Finger comb your hair off your face, a little bit up and back. You can smooth the sides down with any remaining product on the palms of your hands. The great thing about this product is it leaves your hair touchable and you can restyle it throughout the day.


This style isn’t limited to game time. So whether you want a hairstyle for your next date night or big meeting, the All American Look will give you the edge to get ahead.

Pro-tip: When you go the stylist, have him or her walk you through how to style your new cut (and pay attention!).

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