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The Ultimate Hair Repair Product: Argan Oil

What is it that makes Argan oil so special we have dubbed it the "Ultimate Repair Product?"  Well, let's explore Argan a little...

First, Argan oil is extracted from the kernels inside of an Argan nut.  These nuts grow on Argan trees which are native to Southwestern Morocco.  These precious oils are full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids - and if we remember from science class, our body cannot make the essential fatty acids on its own. So, we must constantly aid our bodies in replenishing them.

When used as a hair treatment, Argan oil is absorbed and helps to restore, strengthen, condition, and add a healthy shine to your hair!  It is great for all hair types and will keep your hair looking young and fresh.  Here are a few top Argan treatments that will give your luscious locks all the nutrients it has been thirsting for:

AG Hair The Oil

AG Hair's The Oil strengthens and revitalizes hair as it is quickly absorbed.  This leave-in product should be applied to damp hair and can be used daily to lock in shine and offer continuous repair.  Their special lightweight formula does not leave the hair looking or feeling greasy, but instead light and flowing!.  Frizz is incredibly reduced, adding a unique softness and shine to all hair types.

Moroccan Oil Oily Scalp Treatment

Moroccan Oil’s Oily Scalp Treatment is a unique Argan product because it is used as a first step before shampooing, where as many other products are leave-ins which are applied to wet hair after showering. This formula protects and moisturizes while freeing unwanted dandruff from the scalp that can then be washed away.  As made clear by the product’s name, this treatment is especially perfect for those who have a tendency to experience an oily scalp.

Don't always wait until your hair is already damaged before you decide to take care of it!  Use these Argan products to keep it healthy and glowing as a preventative measure!


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