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Average to Awesome - Global Beauty Masters Episode III

Average to Awesome


In last night’s episode of Global Beauty Masters we saw contestants compete in a competition that was all about Average to Awesome!

Cosplay 2

To tame the look down a bit and take this look into an everyday style our expert stylist, Lindsay Quaglia suggests the following to achieve a similar look:

  • You will need a teasing, strong hold & shine spray firm hold finishing spray
  • Start by taking front/top half of your hair, leaving the sides and back down, and tease this top section of your hair to give it height and spray it, bobby pin and use a fine tooth comb to smooth.
  • Next, take the side of the hair, pull it towards the back of the head and to incorporate it with the remaining hair at the back and create a French braid. (note: for a fuller braid, crimp the hair beforehand).


  • Orange lipstick or a coral for a little more natural look
  • Liquid liner is best for achieving any sort of cat eye. (Tip: pull edge of eye straight out, NOT UP, to achieve the perfect “flip”)

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