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Back to School with Curly Hair

When I was in school, I was ALWAYS rushed in the mornings. Chalk it up to late night phone calls (we didn't have SnapChat then!) or wanting to sleep in longer, but it was battle almost every morning to get my curly hair the way I wanted it to look. I did some homework and learned that my curly hair can be styled quickly and still look cute for school! So, here are few of my top tips for heading back to school with curly hair.



Using conditioner is required on all assignments: Use conditioner on your curly hair, every day. This will eliminate frizz and make the styling process so much faster in the morning. Whether you're walking to class across campus or sitting on a school bus, the changes in humidity can make it hard to tame down the frizziness. By using conditioner, your curly hair will be less frizzy and maintain it's texture, as well.




Simplicity gets an A: Don't try straightening the curls or adding a wavy texture to your curls every day. This takes a lot of time and effort before heading to school or to class, so keep your style simple. Add dimension or texture to your hair with a change-up in products if you're looking to switch up your look!



Take a study break from all the products: Narrow down your top few favorite products so that you establish a routine in the morning or before class. The weekends or afternoon breaks from class are the perfect time to test out new products for curly hair!


Extra credit for using a diffuser:  While using a diffuser doesn't always cut down on time, it will cut down on frizz throughout the day and keep your curls intact longer. If you want to condition your hair at night so it's dry in the morning, use a spray bottle to add moisture to the hair before diffusing it. This will eliminate your time to get ready in the morning, as well. Check out this diffuser guide to learn more about how to use the tool.

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As always, be yourself: Sometimes it can be hard to feel 'cool' at school when you're curls are different than other girls hair. But it's important to remember that being yourself makes you who you are, especially with beautiful curly locks. Embrace your curls and have fun!




For the love of (curly) hair,


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