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The (Beach) Bomb for Perfect Summer Waves

Our blogging team has been putting AG Hair products to the test. For our next review, we're creating perfect summer beach waves with Beach Bomb Tousled Texture.

Megan Giannini - AG Hair Beach Bomb review


Hair type & texture: Curly hair to the maximum! My hair is fine, curly and thin in texture. If I style my hair correctly and with the right products, it can be voluminous.

Favorite way to style hair: Curly with a little bit a volume. I prefer soft and textured curls vs. extremely defined.

Thoughts on Beach Bomb: I'm absolutely in love with this product. I always gravitate toward cream-based products, and Beach Bomb works wonders for my curls. I love the texture it gives my curls. Best of all? It’s now super easy to achieve volume that lasts all day with this product. I'll definitely be adding this product as a staple in my curly hair routine.

Tried it with: AG Hair Curl Trigger Defining Spray

How they worked together: To best honest, I think Beach Bomb works so well on its own that Curl Trigger tended to weigh down my curls due to the added product. Beach Bomb is a great product on its own for creating weightless, textured waves that last all day! For additional definition to your waves, you could also use AG Hair's Details Defining Cream prior to Beach Bomb.

If you're looking for more defined curls instead of waves, I suggest trying Curl Trigger on its own, or pairing it with another curl-boosting product like Recoil Curl Activator.



Hair type & texture: My hair is very wavy, long, and thick. All of these factors together can make my hair pretty difficult to tame!

Favorite way to style hair: I usually opt wear my hair down with tons of defined waves.

Thoughts on Beach Bomb: I completely fell in love with the Beach Bomb. I naturally have a wave in my hair, but I try to kick it up a notch with products that add definition. In the past, I’ve tried beach sprays, curl sprays, and curl boosting mousses in an attempt to achieve the perfect waves. Some products were better than others, but they never quite got there all the way. Beach Bomb did what other products in the past couldn't! I noticed results the moment I started scrunching the Beach Bomb through my hair. By the time my hair was dry (I chose to air dry but you can also use a diffuser with this), I had those easy, tousled, beachy waves I have been craving for so long. I am obsessed with this product. It delivered amazing results and never made my hair feel weighty or stiff. I can never go back to other products again, that's for sure!

Tried it with: AG Hair Conditioning Mist Detangler

How they worked together: Conditioning Mist Detangler was one of my favorite products. The spray nozzle made it even easier and more convenient to condition my hair than ever. In just a couple of seconds, the conditioning mist provided tons of moisture and silkiness to my hair. It softened my natural waves and made my hair feel healthier. I could see and feel the difference! No other conditioner I’ve tried in the past has been this effective… or has even come close. I was very impressed. I also loved about how well it detangles. My thick hair can get tangled pretty easily, so this was a major bonus.

Used together, these products were the perfect combination. The detangler softened and detangled my thick strands, while Beach Bomb defined and added texture to my natural waves. I look forward to getting ready each morning now that I have these awesome products to use!


Chrissy Colgrove - AG Hair Beach Bomb review


Hair type & texture: Thick and naturally wavy

Favorite way to style hair: I usually wear my hair straight, but if I'm getting ready for a fancy occasion, I'll wear it super curly with amped-up volume.

Thoughts on Beach Bomb: I absolutely loved this product! I enjoy my natural waves and curls, but some products end up giving me too intense of volume. Beach Bomb is different in that it just accentuates the good and derails the bad. For example, the product magnifies curl but derails the dryness that can come along with it. Beach Bomb really helped define and control my waves, and made my thick hair super easy to style.

Tried it with: Recoil Curl Care Shampoo

How they worked together: Recoil Shampoo is sulfate-free, and let me tell you, I noticed. The shampoo was still easy to lather on my scalp, but didn’t cause my hair to dry out like many sulfate-infused conditioners do. In other words, I can use this shampoo without using any conditioner, and I'm still able to easily brush through and style my hair. And for someone with thick, often Medusa-like tresses, that is a MAJOR benefit.

Recoil Shampoo and Beach Bomb are a great combination for my hair. Recoil cleans without drying out my thick strands, which prepares it perfectly for Beach Bomb. With Beach Bomb, I can just spray, scrunch and go, and it will give my hair the definition and all-day hold I need - even if I just let it air-dry.


Have you tried AG Hair? Did you LOVE it as much as we did? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!


Need a little extra help creating some perfect summer beach waves? Check out this tutorial. If you're new to AG Hair, don't be shy! Check out product tutorials and tips throughout our blog. Shop AG Hair products here.

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