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Beachy Waves How-To

I learned at a young age that I was never going to successfully have Laguna Beach status waves in my hair everyday. Why? Two reasons. One, I am from a small town about 45 minutes from any sort of water mass (including ponds) and two, I definitely don't look like Lauren Conrad when I leave the beach. As a result, I was forced to find a unique, yet effective method to create the beachy waves I always desired- without the beach.

Needless to say, it took some practice...but I did it.

If you google "how to create beachy waves", you find a plethora of interesting ideas with one major thing in common, they all require some sort of heating tool to create the curl itself. That is fine, if you aren't hair challenged. Ladies and gents, listen to me when I say I am the EPITOME of hair challenged. I pick up a curling iron and the whole house burns down, not even kidding (okay, I'm kidding). But, you telling me "turn the iron 45 degrees left instead of 50 degrees left" DOESN'T HELP ME.

Like many other women before me, I just wasn't given the natural hair stylista gene. Therefore, I have to be a bit, ech hem, creative when styling my hair.

The good news is that whether you are a super experienced hair whiz or a mediocre hair fearing mama, this how to is doable and easy for you! I have broken my easy beach wave down into a few steps below. Read em and weep folks:


beach waves My Beachy Waves!

1. Wash your hair.

2. While wet, flip your hair back and forth (just like Willow says).

3. Scrunch your hair with your hands. (OPTIONAL: Diffuse hair lightly instead)

4. Apply Sebastian Texturizer Gel.

5. OPTIONAL: Blow dry hair roots lightly. (If you have thin or naturally stick straight hair skip this step)

6. Depending on the thickness of your hair and the size of wave you want, split hair into 1 or 2 braids. (I prefer to do one side braid, then I can go out and still look cute!)

7. Now, either go to sleep or head out to work. (You can speed up drying with hair dryer though I prefer to let it air dry)

8. Leave the braid in for 30-60 minutes (or while you sleep), take it out and whip your hair again.

9. Hair spray.

10. Enjoy looking fierce.

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