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The Best And Worst Bangs of 2012

Only 3 weeks left in the year, and we have to say that 2012 has been a big year for hair! Particularly, bangs. 'The straight bang' came back in style at full force this year. Some good, others...not so much. Lets take a closer look:


The Good

zooey deschanel The Best And Worst Bangs of 2012

The Queen of Bangs strikes again with this polished, retro updo. Zooey Deschanel has the ideal face shape to compliment her love of long, luscious bangs. But she also teaches us a key trick in pulling them off: It's all about height.  Adding height to the crown of your head adds the illusion of an elongated face. For all the 'roundies' wanting to pull off long bangs, take cue from Zooey!


katie holmes The Best And Worst Bangs of 2012

Katie Holmes is probably one of our favorite leading bang ladies. She melted hearts this year with her flirty bang'd bob - which was easily one of the most talked about hairstyles of 2012. The cut and style works great with Holmes' face shape and features. It's youthful and sassy, yet sophisticated. We love this look on her!


taylor swift The Best And Worst Bangs of 2012

Taylor Swift has come a long way since her teenage years of wavy tendrils. This year, she stepped up her hair game with a variety of styles - all including great bangs. Taylor pulls off straight bangs flawlessly. This particular style is a longer bang, but still works well due to the length and sleekness of her hair - adding the illusion of overall length. After these gorgeous hairstyles we've seen Swift sporting recently, we hope her and her teenage curls are never ever ever getting back together.


The Bad

jessica biel The Best And Worst Bangs of 2012

Jessica Biel debuted these terribly unflattering bangs this year. Unfortunately, Jessica's face isn't long enough to pull off the "below the eyebrow" fringe, which makes her face looks like it's drowning in a sea of chestnut. Rather than flattering her face and features with a bang that works with her face shape - Biel looks childish and dowdy instead of sexy.


rachel mcadams The Best And Worst Bangs of 2012

When Rachel McAdams stepped onto the red carpet in Vivienne Westwood earlier this year, it surprisingly wasn't the dress that caught everyone's attention. And if you weren't too distracted by her blood red lipstick, you might notice that something wasn't quite right up top. Her bangs are a noticeably different color than the rest of her hair - making it obvious that Rachel was sporting clip on bangs. If you are fortunate enough to be able to pull off these 'extensions', make sure it at least matches your hair color. SUBTLETY IS KEY!


avril lavigne The Best And Worst Bangs of 2012

We wish this was photoshopped, but tragically it isn't. Earlier this year, Avril Lavigne was spotted sporting black clip on bangs contrasting against her blonde hair. Avril is punk and edgy - we get it. But these bangs look like a faux fur craft project glued to her head.


krysten ritter The Best And Worst Bangs of 2012

Krysten, girl, what is going on here? Back in October, Ms. Ritter stepped onto the red carpet looking like she gave a blindfolded 4 year old with scissors free reign on her hair. We love her edgy style, but these bangs are a little over the edge.

ellie kemper The Best And Worst Bangs of 2012

Sigh...another case of long bangs for a too short face! Ellie Kemper opted for the English Sheepdog look at the 2012 Oscars. Long bangs flatter a long or oval shaped face best, as the longer shape can support the length of the bang. Long bangs on a round face can drown out your face completely - as seen with Ellie. Not to mention, these bangs are a little on the "too long" side. We can't really tell where her hair and eyes meet.

2012 has been the year of the straight bang. It can be a hard look to pull off, which is why there are seemingly more mishaps than successful bang looks. Any great bang looks that deserve mention? We want to hear about it!

For the love of hair,


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